Presidential candidate Peter Casey has said he will remain in the campaign

Bould Peter won’t give up the fight
Not now, when the end is in sight
So he spoke of his hate
Of our whole welfare state
Which was ballsy, if not very bright

John Moynes


18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. john f

    Michael D will walk this election. However, the battle for 2nd place will be interesting. In fairness to Casey he did something unfathomable to most politicians……. he didn’t back down when something he said proved controversial.
    Whether a person agrees or disagrees with his sentiments is not important (btw I agree), his doubling down is admirable. .

    1. Cian

      He will do well. I’d say he’s running at 6-7% by now. Which could give him second place :-)

      There are a lot of disenfranchised voters (see Trump + Brexit) looking for a way to lash out at ‘the man’.
      And Peter is giving them a voice.

      Vote Peter #1 “Make Ireland Greet”

      1. scottser

        a trumpism like that deserves a quip like ‘grab em by the knackers’.
        i wonder how long it’ll take before it’s deleted..

  2. Jimi

    He’s a scumbag, indulging himself in the last socially acceptable form of open racism in irish society, in order to appear ballsy, he’s not, he’s a coward picking on people with less social power than him. Michael D Higgins has been a global example of an irish person at their best, this twat is the exact opposite.

    1. john f

      “Picking on people with less social power than him”? He has pointed out the rampant lawlessness amongst sections of that society. He articulated what a lot of people think in private. The rates of incarceration, conviction and joblessness are higher than all other sections of society.
      Rather than look to deal with this organisations such as pavee point want society to accept this as part of the ethnicity.
      Michael D scored an own goal during the debates. When he said that it wasn’t entitled to hold the opinion that current a lot people off him.

      1. Stan

        “He has pointed out the rampant lawlessness amongst sections of that society.”

        The section of society to which PC (heh…) belongs – businessmen and entreprenoors – are far more noted for their ‘rampant lawlessness’ and with a great deal more consequential damage for the rest of us.

        1. Peter Dempsey

          Such a sniveling leftist comment
          Have you ever been beaten up, had your house torn apart by burglars? The psychological trauma is awful.

          1. Stan

            Yes to both.
            I’ve also had my country torn apart by ‘bankers’, ‘developers’ and their half-smart politician servants. I know which one left the lasting scars.

      2. Nigel

        Singling out one group of people to attack disqualifies him to be president of the country, in my eyes. You don’t have to deny or ignore problems, you just can’t use them as wedge issues and then claim to represent all the people of Ireland.

  3. scottser

    ‘Rather than look to deal with this organisations such as pavee point want society to accept this as part of the ethnicity.’

    please have a look at pavee point and other traveller support websites. nowhere does it state they want society to accept unemployment, criminality and other problems as part of their ethnicity. for the most part, those representative organisations call for targeted supports for their clients to assist them staying in school and accessing third level training, employment and vocational supports.
    you can bury your head in the sand all you want but unless you target inequality at the source it will end up costing the taxpayer more, and for generations to come. simply put, the taxpayer can not afford the luxury of discrimination any more.

    1. Rob_G

      No, he was not wrong about welfare.

      @scottser – it does not require that someone is breaking the law to be absolutely gaming the system (Margaret Cash is one of the more egregious examples, but there are many others).

  4. Rob_G

    Pavee Point have very little to say about aspects of Traveller culture that might be holding them back as a group, and that it should maybe be incumbent upon Travellers themselves to take steps to deal with these issues. All Pavee Point seem to talk about is how all of the Travelling community’s problems are the fault of everyone except for the Travelling community themselves.

        1. Rob_G

          Indeed, I have not. But I do think it is good thing for citizens to discuss the value-for-money and efficacy of any organisation in receipt of funds from the taxpayer.

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