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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Thank God for hideous Red Haired Children – they signify Irishness and general loveliness.

    1. scottser

      about a month ago up near lamb doyles i saw a ginger haired lad in a gaa jersey with a hurley by his feet, feed a carrot to a donkey over a low stone wall.
      i let out an involuntary ‘bejaysus’ as i drove past.

    1. SOQ


      Excellent read. Interesting the way some talk about the EU punishing GB when GB actually played a major part in writing A50. Of course the sensible thing to have done would have been to agree a deal then trigger A50 but sure, they couldn’t agree on the time of day let alone anything else.

    2. SOQ


      Excellent read. Interesting the way some talk about the EU punishing GB when GB actually played a major part in writing A50. Of course the sensible thing to have done would have been to agree a deal then trigger A50 rather than this shambles but sure, they couldn’t agree on the time of day let alone anything else.

    3. Mickey Twopints

      Search on “Three blokes in a pub” on YouTube for some sensible fact-based discussions around Brexit.

  2. Bertie blenkinsop

    Irish Daily Mail –
    I’d hardly call myself a “gang” and I’d hardly call robbing her knickers off the line a “raid” but you keep on exaggerating things there….

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Despite the pledge across the west that Nazism and fascism would never be allowed to happen again, we have witnessed the resurgence of far right parties, movements and ideas and their absorption into the mainstream ever since and up to this day. Flirting with anti-immigration or openly racist rhetoric is not new, and mainstream politicians have done so for decades..quote opendemocracy.net

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      being concerned about immigration does not make one racist or a member of the far right

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        @MaryLou’s ArmaLite
        You’re quite correct,of course,but it’s a distinction lost on quite a few people on this forum and many Remoaners in general.
        Pointing out that unchecked immigration makes it impossible for any country to plan for the future in terms of housing,education and health infrastructure is considered the work of the devil.
        These idiots also struggle to differentiate between no immigration and managed immigration.
        But they’re always the first to complain about rip-off landlords and poor public services without it dawning on their small minds what is contributing towards the problems.

    2. SOQ

      I was hanging around Grand Canal Dock last week. Full of immigrants it was. Coming over here paying tax with their superior programming language skills, I mean who do they think they are?

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    I see that in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll Trump( 47% Oct 2018 ) is more popular the same point of his presidency than Obama was ( 45% Oct 2000)

    Who’da thunk it ?

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Trump is the bookies favourite to win again in 2020.
      A booming economy does wonders during an election.

      1. johnny

        It’s a very bad bet-stick to baiting and taunting the thick paddies Ollie.When he loses the house, the game changes, its almost over……….

        “Donald Trump is holding steady at +110 odds to be reelected in 2020. That figure can be interpreted a number of ways. It makes him the clear frontrunner, with Kamala Harris trailing in second at a very distant +1000. But it also implies that he has less than a 50% chance of being voted in to a second term, something his last three predecessors all managed.”

        “But there are quite a few reasons not to put your money on Trump. The former reality TV star lost the popular vote in 2016 and has seen sub-50 approval numbers since taking office, making him the most unpopular US President ever.”


        1. Ollie Cromwell

          CNN also said Hillary had a 99% chance of becoming POTUS.
          So what ?
          Odds and risk are what betting is all about.
          I made plenty of moolah on the Brexit vote and the last UK GE although to be honest my bet was that the Brighton Kemptown seat would go Labour.
          I thought it was going to be the only seat to go Labour.What a silly sausage I was.
          Still had a nice holiday in Italy on the winnings though.

          1. Johnny

            It’s a bad bet in the sense the odds don’t reflect the reality,it’s mid term so no established challengengers from either party.
            The odds are unreflective off this,you should be getting much higher odds,lost me as I don’t follow internal brit politics that much,irrelevant on the world stage-India will surpass it this year.
            Are your holidays dependent on gambling wins-little working class for a toff like yourself :)

  5. Johnny

    The brits are merely managing badly it’s decline,investors hate confusion,fudges and chaos.There’s little or no leadership,country is a mess,where you going export all that medical marijuana you produce ?
    The States,Canada don’t want or need it,can you turn those grow lights off Ollie….

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Investors love Blighty old cock.Last year it attracted more inward investment than any other country in Europe.
      I think you might be surprised by the mid-term results too – the big march through Mexico is playing into Trump’s hands.
      Fact is the Democrats have no great candidate ready for elections that are only two years away.

      1. johnny

        Few facts:)

        “The UK attracted 6% more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects in 2017 compared to 2016, but in a European market growing at 10%, the UK’s market share fell for the second successive year.
        When 450 global investors were asked ‘where is the most attractive place to invest in the future’, they favoured Germany (1st), with France (2nd) overtaking the UK placed 3rd. France has seen a surge in FDI projects by 31% in 2017, supported by the so-called “Macron effect”.
        Investor concerns over Brexit led to a decline in Financial Services, Business Services and HQ investments into the UK – against an expanding European market – but were offset by a 22% boost in Digital FDI, compared to a 33% rise across Europe.
        2017 was a record year for UK outflows, with a 35% increase in UK businesses investing into Europe, led by Financial Services, Business Services, and Digital, as they start to position themselves for Brexit.”

        “Although the UK experienced a growth in the number of FDI projects locating in the UK, its market share of European FDI fell for the second year running – from 21% in 2015, to 19% in 2016 and 18% in 2017. In addition, the number of headquarters locating in the UK – a significant FDI performance indicator – were also down by 25%.

        Investors expressed clear concerns surrounding Brexit, which contributed to the UK’s waning attractiveness and a decline in FDI projects in certain sectors, including: Financial Services, Business Services, and Logistics. A 22% increase in Digital investments into the UK helped to cushion the hit and push the UK into growth territory.”


        1. Ollie Cromwell

          I’m glad you agree that the UK still attracted more FDI than any other country in Europe.

          1. johnny

            Ollie-thats one way of looking at it, another is that most them were announced prior to this current chaos, the trend line is bad.It takes a while for ‘economic shocks’ to show in stats which are by their nature dated,I’d keep that champers on ice for a while:)
            The medical cannabis business, started by British Sugar was going great but is dependent on exports to EU-which is why I’ve been shouting from the rooftops on here for Ireland to get into this space.


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