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Free Friday?

The Bram Stoker Festival presents the Irish premiere of NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century, an animated interpretation of the 1922 horror film Nosferatu.

At St Anne’s Church, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, where Bram Stoker married Florence Balcombe in 1878.

Nigel Goggin writes:

Set in present day New York City, NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century turns the original film on its head, positioning the vampire character as that most contemporary of “outsiders” – an emigrant escaping war at home only to face economic exploitation and xenophobia in their new country.

The rotoscoped film, comprised of 35,000 hand-drawn images, replicates the eerie, flickering shutter effect of early cinema and will be accompanied by a specially commissioned live score by internationally renowned composer Matthew Nolan (Ireland), with similarly celebrated international musicians Erik Friedlander (U.S.A), Sean MacErlaine (Ireland) and Jan Bang (Norway)…

St. Ann’es Church, Dawson St, Dublin 2 on Friday at  7pm & 9pm

Tickets here

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