But need lights?

Dublin Cycling tweetz:

We’ll be handing out free spare lights this evening, Tuesday, in Grand Canal Dock, just beside Pearse Street. We’ll be there from 5.30-6.30pm (or until we run out of lights). 1 set of lights per person. First come, first served.

Light Up Your Bike! (Dublin Cycling)

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2 thoughts on “Got Wheels?

  1. Eoin

    Fair play to you, wonder what lights you’re giving away. I have those €9 jobs, 2x pack, one for front and one for rear with button battery included and three modes, from Argos which are tiny rubbery things that you attach and remove in a second, won’t be stolen, very bright and noticeable when flashing, last for years. No excuse not to be lit up. 7 cyclists killed on the roads so far this year.

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