21 thoughts on “Men Are Talking

    1. Rob_G

      They are off working for the needs of their constituents, I expect – not every TD attends every debate. They could have committee meetings or other things to be getting on with.

      1. Joe

        And that right there is the problem with TD’s, they get bogged down with local politics when they should be focusing on the national issues. TD’s should not be involved with local politics when serious national issues are being let call by the wayside.

        1. Rob_G

          What you are saying is true (the constituency stuff) – but committee meetings are very important. Not every single one of FG’s 49 TDs, or FF’s 44 TDs need to be present for every single minute of every debate – only those who have a particular interest in the bill, or who plan on making a speech themselves, need to attend. They will all be there for the vote.

          TDs would have a lot less time for national issues if they were required to turn for every debate, also.

  1. Stephen

    Dail Eireann had 158 tds 35 are women so 22%
    There is about 30 tds in the pictures, 22% should be 6 ish women.
    So we must come to the conclusion women don’t care as much about this issue than men.
    Or maybe women TD’s are messers that like to sit in the back rows outside of the pic.
    Or TD’s in general seem pretty lax about actually turning up to debate issues

    1. millie st murderlark

      Must we come to that conclusion, Stephen?

      Because, as a woman, I’m sure you know all about it.

    2. millie st murderlark

      Sorry, that came out much cattier than I’d intended. My inner bitch is on a loose one today.

  2. ReproButina

    Perhaps the women recognise that the debate is mostly meaningless as there’s little swaying of votes on a issue like this. Anything that needed saying has been said between the CA, OC and the referendum campaign.

    No doubt they’ll all turn up for the vote.

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