Countering Casey


“I thought this morning, maybe there is something to President John Connors, because of what that would mean to young Travellers, and young working-class people from Darndale and Coolock and Blanchardstown and Ballymun…”

John Connor (middle) following the vote surge for Peter Casey (top)

The ‘Our Man In Stockholm podcast with Sweden-based, Irish journalist Philip O’Connor meets actor and human rights activist John Connors (top) to discuss Peter Casey’s second place in the Presidential election, the media’s attitude to travellers and a possible tilt at the Áras in 2025.

Our Man In Stockholm

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Top pic: Rollingnews

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19 thoughts on “Countering Casey

  1. Elm wood

    Well if any current or future Taoiseach , wants to back up their condemnation of Casey’s remarks , perhaps a nomination to the Seanad for Mr Connors, he’s certainly articulate enough, and as democracy really only functions when the majority respect minority’s, it may be an idea

      1. Kdoc

        Respect is something that’s earned. After the Morris tribunal, the Charleton inquiry, the thousands of fake breath tests etc. etc. What do you call them?

        1. Rob_G

          “Respect is something that’s earned.”

          I am sure that there are plenty who would make the same argument to Mr Connors about the Travelling community

    1. Pat-the-barker

      Great idea, that’s the sort of inclusive politics we need. They would have to keep an eye on the copper and lead though.

  2. Scundered

    This fiasco will go around in circles until everyone including the travelling community examines why these prejudices exist, and both sides must reflect and act upon it, as both sides have valid points.

    1. Patrick

      Prejudice: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

      So what exactly are you pointing to that could be conceived as prejudice?

  3. Knocka Boi

    “President John Connors” eh?

    He’s got the necessary narcissism.

    Next he needs 20 TDs or 4 Councils.

  4. Dhaughton99

    That crappy movie he made done no favors to the working-class people from Darndale.

    “I’m finished with Ireland. I’m giving up trying to make it a better place. F*** it. #RacistIreland”
    That’s according to his feed yesterday.

  5. Dub Spot

    “Our Man in Stockholm”

    Ah yes, a #MARIAN Finucane regular. Never any mention of racism, right-wing politics, etc from Sweden from “Mr, What’s the GAA score for Scandi ex-pats”. Buffoonery.

  6. :-Joe

    Why are people getting so worked up about this?….

    It’s as if half the country were lulled into the fantasy belief that good auld oirland inc operates perfectly well and without it’s fair share of ignorant, racist, xenophobes.

    Nevermind the healthy dose of angry wannabe rebels, messers and shyte hawks who love to lay back in the comfy anonymity of avatars and smartphones throwing grenades into the system.

    Trolls, glorious trolls….


  7. Ron

    one only has to come on this website and read the bile above to realise how bottom of the barrel this country has become. Have some respect for yourselves and stop parading your idiocy in such a public manner. were all laughing at you.

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