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Slattery’s, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin 4

Credit on tap?

Anon writes:

Was in Slattery’s last night. Looked at the receipts. They charge an extra 20c for tapping your card. They weren’t apologetic…is this not illegal?


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18 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. JEH

    Normally bank fees don’t appear on the receipt at the point/time of purchase. They’re generally calculated monthly or quarterly and appear on your fee/advice statement. It seems then that you might be double-charged for tapping, as if the 20 cents you were charged is a fee applied by Slattery’s and not your bank.

    I have noticed, curiously, that AIB charge all kinds of fees on their debit cards (withdraw, tap, etc) yet charge no transaction fees on their credit cards. So if you tap away through town on a credit card and pay off your balance at the end of the month, you’ll pay less in fees. Might be worth considering. I also have a KBC account and just got my first fee statement last week. They charged me to take out money with my card too! So it’s not quite as clear-cut. There are all kinds of restrictions and conditions for free banking, though again, credit cards appear not to be subject to the same conditions?

    1. Shankillfalls

      Using the credit card is the way to go. No charges for transactions and pay off every month. Using debit cards is a mug’s game unless you are sure you have free banking.

  2. Hansel

    BOI are charging me 9c a go on the tapping, and it shows up as a separate transaction.

    I’ve stopped tapping my card because of all the little charges. It might be more effort for me to use cash but all the little nonsense transactions showing up in my bank account were making it hard to keep track of the real transactions.

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    AIB website saying “The transaction fee for Contactless transactions with your Debit Card will be
    waived until further notice”

  4. Boj

    Never go to Slattery’s again so…it’s easy. (do people still hold principled boycotts anymore?)
    I think AIB’s ‘further notice’ will begin in Q3 2019.
    Getcha hooked for free then start charging through the nose like any good drug dealer/banker.

  5. Conski

    Merchants are charged a monthly and a transaction fee – which it would appear they are trying to pass on to the customer.
    The above comments outline customers bank fees. Banks get it off both ends cos they’re bankers

  6. Liam Deliverance

    I will not be going to Slatterys anymore if that is the case, or any other establishment that carries out this practice, regardless of whether I pay cash or card.Their greed will be their downfall.

    As for the banks,

    “Banking industry asks Irish public for its say on new culture board to help ‘rebuild trust’ in sector”

    Go eff yourselves!

  7. Pavel

    Those charges are no longer allowed. Since 13th Jan 2018 all card surcharges are banned in Europe thanks to a European directive known as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Also the agreement a retailer has with Visa/MasterCard does not allow retailers to set minimum amounts or transaction fees. If Visa/Mastercard hear about it they can remove card processing facilities.

    1. andy

      The retailer will have no agreement with Visa / Mastercard.

      The retailer will have an agreement with a merchant acquirer (a bank or Fexco or someother acquirer) who will have agreements with Visa/Mastercard.

      1. Pavel

        And that acquirer will still have to implement Visa’s and Mastercard’s requirements so from a consumer point of view it doesn’t really matter who the retailer deals with. The actual point is that charging 20 cent for a transaction fee is not allowed by either.

  8. Todger McStink

    There are alternative “online” banks that don’t charge fees for tapping such as Revolut and N26. I’ve been happily using Revolut for about 2 weeks now.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Heard great things about them actually. Been meaning to look into it but I’m awful scatterbrained.

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