GK writes:

1. Bought something last week online for $99 from America (€87)

2. DHL delivers and asks for €48.48 duty payment. I say it’s more than 50% of the actual item cost.

3. DHL delivery guy says I can ring and query the charge at Dublin 8448317

4. Got through to a call centre guy who hadn’t a clue what I was asking. Told me to ring Dublin 8448220 (Import Team)

5. Rang Import Team… no one available today! Leave a message and we’ll call you tomorrow.

6. Tried to leave a message but their Voicemail didn’t work!

7. Is this a Trump Trade Barrier ?


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21 thoughts on “DHL’s Duty

  1. Mickey Twopints

    Sadly, it’s normal. DHL are not the only ones at this craic for many years now. Our Brexit friends are about to discover this as part of the delights of trading on WTO terms.

  2. George

    Import Duty 0 – no tariff, nothing to do with Trump. They are charging VAT at 33% for some reason. I would be asking why it is not 23%.

    The advanced payment is a surcharge because they had to pay the VAT already.

    1. Tom

      VAT is not 33%. It’s the standard rate based on the value of the item. They don’t really give a fup what you paid and rightly so or people would put 10c as the sale price.

      1. GahBlahBlah

        The VAT is also charged on the courier cost, I think this would likely be why the VAT appears to be higher than the standard 23%.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Revenue include postage/delivery costs in the value of the item so it’s 23% of the declared value of the Item plus the postage costs. Next time send it via parcel motel.

      1. George

        What difference would parcel motel make? Isn’t that just an alternative address for people buying from the UK?

      2. .meh

        Parcel Motel may still look for duty/VAT if the parcel is from outside the EU – I have received that call a couple of times when ordering from a non-EU EBAY seller that will not ship to Ireland, meaning I used my Parcel Motel UK.

    3. ralph

      Maybe it also includes local taxes on item in the USA before export?
      So maybe you can claim that tax back
      Anyway this is good homework for post brexit
      Maybe we need to bill our goods like the USA that has the exact amount in taxes you have paid on the recipt

  3. Jeffrey

    Earlier this year I won a competition online – an expensive PC Monitor – was delighted until I had to pay €140 for DHL to release the goods!

  4. Kirkbadaz

    This is actually a MAJOR issue with an Post’s address pal service. You pay the vat and then 5 to 10 euros import fee cause they had to go to the trouble of hanging onto your item in order to make you pay the tax.

    If you buy from eBay in the states they ballpark the fees for you and you pay at POS.

  5. .meh

    True story – Last year I bought a jacket from the US, on sale for 100 dollars. This promptly got lost in the post. The company sent me out a replacement for free and sent it DHL for tractability.
    DHS showed up to the house and requested 48 euros in charges for the package (despite it being a free replacement the company put the full value of $200 on the docket). I queried this and the delivery guy was, more-or-less, giving me the bored expression of someone who has heard that rant a thousand times before the ranter eventually forks over the money.
    I said no.
    He looked puzzled and rang someone up. Then he asked if I was sure because he could not hand it over unless I paid. I told him to keep it, I wasn’t paying.
    For the next 12 weeks I received one email per week from various DHL employees informing me that my parcel was sitting in a cage awaiting either payment from me or a return to the US.
    I ignored them all.
    On week 13, I came home from work to find the package sitting in my porch. There was no further communication between DHL and me.
    Also, just prior to this, the original order turned up so I ended up with 2 jackets. (I returned one of them.)

    1. scumbellina

      And get mightily ripped off. Was pricing a DIY item that would have cost over E500 here got it delivered from UK for less the E250 including shipping

  6. Skeptik

    If they send via courier you are pretty much guaranteed to pay. About 50% on top of what you paid in USD

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