What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


From top: David Keenan; Irish Ambassador to The U.S. Daniel Mulhall, and Consul General, West Coast US, Robert O Driscoll; Bitch Falcon; The Coronas, Saint Sister, Hozier (left) and Rory O Neill

Monday night.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calofornia, USA

Buzz writes:

Scenes from the Irelandweek Music showcase presented by Music From Ireland and Culture Ireland at The Bardot in Hollywood, where Four Acts performe: David Keenan, Bitch Falcon, Saint Sister and The Coronas to a sold out show stuffed with the creme de la creme of the LA Music and Movie business. Irelandweek continues all this week until this Sunday.


Pics: Earl Gibson III (AP)

32 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. Bertie blenkinsop

    The Rory / Panti transformation is why you should always see a potential partner without her make up before commiting to anything.

  2. Otis Blue

    I’m sure that the lads in The Coronas are decent fellas, love their Mothers always get their round in, feed the sparrows, etc…

    But, Christ, the music.

  3. johnny

    Not sure why arguably the most successful and certainly one the most prestigious Irish ‘arts’ company,Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon is not included,Irish animation is vastly underrepresented in LA.
    I don’t really have anything good say about this,on a personal level it offends me watch the Irish state waste its money on this nonsense,but thats your call.

    1. buzz o neill

      oh johnny, johnny johnny..
      Our friends in Cartoon Saloon couldnt make it this year. ( they are in shangai with the minister on a trade mission.

      they were here last year, when Paul was on a panel at our conference. Nora Twomey was on a panel. And we premiered The Breadwinner at a Gala event with anjelina jolie in hollywood.

      but sure look it… dont even bother trying that auld google thing before you go off on a baseless rant..

      No govt money being wasted here chicken, and if you dont believe me, you’re free to FOI that.

      1. johnny

        Hardly a rant,I stated a fact which you confirmed,thanks,
        Do you have ‘accounts’ then for “Ireland Week” be delighted take look at last years numbers, assume its a ‘charity’ and you must file some returns!
        Do you really want me looking into this Buzz ?

        1. Buzz O Neill

          Work away.
          We’re a private American corporation.
          Good luck with that.
          Also I didn’t confirm anything. I completely refuted ALL your false claims.

          1. johnny

            haha-yet you claimed no govt money wasted:)
            How much did the Irish govt kick in-or do i need file a FOI?
            You have numerous Irish govt entities backing you and remain a private company-wow!

      1. Johnny

        Hi Millie,I’ve spent quite a bit time at CalArts in Santa Clarita,just north LA.Its the preeminent animation program in the US and a few students have interened at Cartoon Salon and loved it.
        But shur what would I know about animation huh :)

    2. rotide

      “Irish animation is vastly underrepresented in LA.”

      You stupid , stupid man.

      Irish Animation is doing roaringly well on the back of American TV and Film money. Brownbag Films, Boulder Media and Cartoon Saloon and many many others are represented just fine in the states and continue to produce more hours of TV and Film than you have brain cells.

      Stop being a complete silly.

    1. Buzz O Neill

      You’re a little confused chicken.. actually no.. you’re a LOT confused.. Ireland funds are a sponsor. So how they control their own accounts has zip to do with us.

  4. johnny

    and so it begins-nice work Buzz next time read Broadsheet a little closer and you my not be so cavalier in your taunts about FOI’s and who you decide to fook with:)
    FOI’s will be filled in next few days enjoy.

    oh look here’s the…….THE O’NEILL GROUP-who OMG is this yours sister Deidres company thats running it…

    “The O’Neill Group Inc. (ONG) is a full service Conference, Event and Meeting management company specializing in producing high quality world class events for corporations and nonprofits both in the US and internationally with a particular emphasis on Ireland operating since 1999. For more information please visit http://www.the-oneillgroup.com

  5. buzz o neill

    Maybe you dont know how the real world works, but the Irish Government and the DFa and all its agencies SPONSOR hundreds of events and organisations all over the world every year. Perhaps your’e not up to speed with Global Ireland 2025, and its recent increase in the last budget. This is precisely their remit. And that’s what your waste of time FOI will reveal for you. Also.. the titanic sank. ( and thanks for the patronising and weirdly threatening headsup on how Broadsheet works and who ive ‘FOOKED’ with. .I’ve been a reader and contributor to this site since day one. )

    Well look, this has been fun. I look forward to your findings with baited breath.

    1. Johnny

      As do the other readers here Buzz,we can take a shortcut in so much as you can simply release your accounts ?
      Or disclose how much funding this showcase for you and your sis gets from the Irish state !
      FOI’s will be filled,your accounts and ALL public fillings will be made available to the Irish public,who are funding this-welcome to the real real world Buzz !

      1. buzz o neill

        So you’re going to “FOI” My US corp’s returns are you genius? That should be fun.
        You can happily foi irish agencies and govt if you want. i’ll really enjoy you wasting your time to prove a big fat nothing. And as for releasing my accounts… get in the sea.

        1. johnny

          The FOI’s will be filled with these agencies in the next few days-I will keep you posted on here.

          Culture Ireland
          Enterprise Ireland
          Tourism Ireland
          Creative Ireland
          Culture Ireland
          Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board (IFB)
          Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

          -regarding jumping in the sea,I do most mornings,you can often find me at Topanga or Country Line (Malibu) paddling out-

          There are many ways to get corporate information in the US,especially when you are so dependent on the goodwill and generosity of others (irish state) for your existence !

          Ps-I’m not trying ‘prove’ anything, simply shinning some light on this and bringing, some much needed transparency to an Irish state funded ‘gig’ run by your sisters PR firm and you.

    2. rotide

      Buzz, have you not seen how Johnny has reported from Amer-i-key on every conspiriacy going?

      He has a particular hard on for DoB but will throw his ADD addled head at anything.

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