8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Martco

      you can show off with a few blips of throttle as you pull up outside

      whirrrrr. whirrrrrrrrr. whirrrrrrrr. like a big moulinex.

  1. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

    Grants available for buying an Electric Car (up to 5000 Euro.)
    You can also get a 600 euro grant for installation of charge point in your home.
    Electric vehicles have the lowest rate of Motor tax at 120 Euro per annum.

    List of electric cars available in Ireland:

    Shell starts rollout of ultrafast electric car chargers in Europe:

    Ranges are increasing and charge times decreasing all the time.

  2. morris

    Is this the Tesla that they launched into space
    Looking at the scrap yard chic it really looks pretty musk-y
    Excuse the pun

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