20 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Andy Moore

    If Ya’s want Irish pubs , just hop on a jet & leave the plasticcy Aul” thrash behind & come to Dublin ( or better still outside Dublin ) More than 3 taps of solid Irish brew available in many premises now also ! Food you may say ? Ya’s can’t have an Irish Pub wothout Tayto & Coolock Snack bars !

    1. morris

      very few real Irish pubs in Dublin
      Most are bland and as Irish as china
      Its rural Ireland where great Irish pubs still exist but they are dying
      In Dublin you will find it pretty hard to find a decent Irish bar man from the times before the smoking bannand drink driving sealed their fates
      I reckon you can count the great Irish pubs like Keoghs on your hand

        1. morris

          A real Irish pub
          Irish staff family run with paddy the barman who serves you your pint
          Pubs like Keoghs south Anne street
          Toners but have not been in for a couple of years
          Moved from Dublin in the nineties before Celtic tiger when bar men or women were from Ireland and gave the charm
          Sadly European and foreign nationalities do not have that Irish bar persons charm
          Efficient fast but no Craic soulless drinking dens many with no atmosphere
          I remember mc Cormack’s in Monkstown and 2 great bar men patsy and Kieran
          In the 80s four deep to the bar and those guys like machines and the art of conversation and the hospitality never interrupted as they worked their magic
          These were total professionals 10 20 pints of the black stuff lined up and ready to gon
          As families sold out or expanded into chains the charm of the Irish pub was lost the personal stamp of owner up there also serving was gone and it was these things that made the Irish pub
          Sadly the Irish pub is in crises and many now in rural areas are being lost due to transport drink driving and the increasing costs including insurance
          A good film to watch was made years ago called the Irish pub which recorded these pubs etched for ever in film
          It was a documentary and I advise watch it and you will then see what I mean about the real Irish pub

          1. Celticon

            I used to work in McCormack’s with Kieran in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Some incredible memories.

            Popped in for a visit last year. Times have changed.

          2. Rob_G

            One plastic Paddy serves a drink to another plastic Paddy – david, if that was the worst case of deception you experienced during your solo trip to Thailand, I’d say you are not doing too badly…

          3. Don

            Sweeping generalisation about non Irish but I’d bet some some are of your
            best friends are foreign?

  2. Pee Pee

    If we’re talking about pubs, I’ll tell ye what I don’t like, pizza being served in pubs. Yes it’s delicious, but it stinks. It’s like someone eating a packet of Manhattan popcorn on a bus.

  3. Steph Pinker

    Sorry, Ollie, I’ll abstain from this thread hereafter, because some commenters think we’re married; notwithstanding that, I won’t tell them about your venture to open a Farage By The Barge in Portobello, which is an anti-immigration, whites-only conservative gay bar. You can contact my lawyers through The Corgi And Hound pub in in Notting Hill, they have my personal mobile number – it’s on the red phone, not the green or orange one.

    All the best,

    Steph Charger-Salmons x

  4. Dub Spot

    Any chance of getting Toni Blair exotic dancer in to perform? His phone number is on speed dial behind the bar at the Swan, Stockwell, Sarf London.

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