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Brexit: Labour rules out voting for deal keeping UK in customs union temporarily – Politics live (Guardian)

Earlier: A Limerick A Day

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51 thoughts on “Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. ReproButina

    So they’ve gone from a bright and glorious future to “we’re doomed but at least they’re doomed too”?

    Except, of course, we’re not leaving the massive trade bloc so, in the event of no deal, we’ll have the hit cushioned.

    1. Alan McGee

      Jeffrey Donaldson is correct and the longer Coveney and our European handlers play ducks and drakes with the UK the harder the lesson will be come Brexit.
      The vast majority of everything you own, everything you eat, comes through the UK. Everything we export from here passes through the UK. Even your post goes through the Heathrow hub. We are completely and totally dependant on the UK. If we cannot strike a deal for the continuation of trade between ourselves and the UK or more to the point if Europe will not allow us to strike a deal with the UK it will be lights out on the island of Ireland.

      1. Rob_G

        I don’t understand why the UK’s failure to come up with a strategy to implement a policy decision that they themselves made is so frequently framed as brinkmanship on the part of Ireland and/or the EU.

        1. Alan McGee

          Pointing the finger and calling it ‘the UK’s failure’ will not as some turnip here said, ‘cushion the hit’. On the contrary the longer Ireland plays the scrappy dog for Europe the greater the kicking it will get when borders and tariffs in the UK turn Ireland into a very isolated rock.

          1. Rep

            Hold on, Ireland standing its ground on what it wants, and has always wanted from the start, is now playing “the scrappy dog for Europe”?

            Why won’t those silly paddies just roll over for good old blighty?

          2. ReproButina

            Turnips like Alan can’t see the reality that the rest of the EU27 are backing Ireland’s work to protect the all island economy. Instead they try to drive a wedge between Ireland and the rest of the EU27 with fear mongering about being abandoned, despite the evidence that the EU27 remains united in the face of on going British disorganisation and mixed messages.

          3. Alan mc gee

            we’ll be abandoned by the UK you utter clown not your EU27. if you can’t see how totally dependant on the UK for absolutely everything here on the island we have and how utterly dependant we are on the UK for getting anything off this island we are, you are cuckoo. CUCKOO.
            The English are not our friends, they’ve allowed us to do business for a long time let’s not queer that with your ‘sassamach’ tripe. Show some respect son or you’ll get a hard land.

          4. Cú Chulainn

            The whole EU thing has passed loyalism by. They are still living in a world where they can put ‘the Irish’ down. But this is not the Irish border. It’s the EU border.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    ” we’ll have the hit cushioned ”
    Now that really did make me lol.
    You’ll be on your own baby.
    Did you learn nothing from the bailout ?
    The economic reality of Ireland’s poodling is beginning to bite.

    1. ReproButina

      You’re been warning us about being abandoned since the Sasamach negotiations began. In all that time the EU27 has remained united behind the NI backstop. There’s nothing to back up your nonsense about us being abandoned and plenty to show we won’t be.

      Our trade with the UK is about 13.5%. Our trade with the rest of the EU far exceeds that. France and Ireland have already agreed that Irish trucks will be fast tracked through Calais in the event of no deal Sasamach so we’ll be spared some of the chaos while British trucks will have to sit and wait. Is that what you mean by us being on our own?

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Trouble is the fast lanes all go through the UK.
          The M20 can be an awful chore when it’s busy.

          1. ReproButina

            So UK exports will be hit with delays as well as tariffs?

            How will the delays work out for those Just in Time imports so essential for the UK manufacturing industry?

            Heh, heh, heh indeed.

      1. Rob

        Whati s to stop the Brits slowing down EU trucks with extra checks to combat the Calais agreement between Ireland and France? no point in being fast tracked at Calais if they tie you up in Dover.

        1. ReproButina

          Nothing at all, bar the goodwill they’d be losing as they try to start trade talks with the EU.

          France can fast track trucks travelling from Ireland through the UK because we’re both in the EU and goods originating in the EU with an EU destination won’t need further inspection. It’s only goods being imported from the UK to the EU or exported from the EU to the UK that would need checking.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            There’s no fast-tracking of anything if you’re sat in a 20 mile lorry queue on the M20.
            Besides,the Mayor of Calais has made it clear he won’t allow Macron’s meddling to bring chaos to the port.
            I imagine you’re the type of person who pays for Ryanair’s Priority Boarding in the belief you’ll get to your destination quicker.

          2. ReproButina

            Wrong as usual. The mayor of Calais has dismissed the nonsense about closing Calais and sending the traffic to other ports. This is nothing to do with fast tracking the Irish trucks arriving from Dover.

  3. Jake38

    “…..Can’t understand why Irish Government seems so intent on this course…..”

    I’m sorry? Who exactly promoted and voted for this act of economic self-mutilation?
    It was not the Irish Government. It was disgruntled white English nationalists and their fellow travelling bigots in NI.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes I agree, there are times when I’m aghast at the hand-wringing the Irish government are doing and the reports which implicate Ireland as some sort of orchestrator of the problem and the solution. Very clever if the Brits have actually concocted this but I doubt it -more a case of Ireland being an absolute mug again. We elected this government in early 2016, before Brexit and oblivious to it, to manage the State and its affairs and immediate issues in health, housing, employment and taxation – not mop up the political messes of our neighbour. This was a foreign referendum, from which we are very affected by – so I propose a call for damages and compensation from the UK government. Maybe that’s already happened, under the table style, and is paying for those ‘get Brexit-ready’ ads on the wireless.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Er,how do Irish trucks get fast-tracked through Calais going through Dover ?
    You know,exporting stuff ?
    You’re on your own pal.
    The EU is coming after Ireland’s tax system with a digital services tax costing hundreds of millions of euros.Some cushion.

    1. ReproButina

      Arriving into Calais from Dover or departing Calais for Dover Irish trucks won’t have to sit and be checked like the UK ones will so we get spared some of that chaos. The chaos on the UK side is unavoidable sadly but that will hit UK trucks too. We can expect more transport on direct routes to France as it will prevent the Irish drivers having to bring their own food through the UK which would make them targets for the starving mobs.

      The UK is introducing a digital services tax and the EU is not coming after our corporation tax rate, much as you like to toss that around.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        He’s so full of poo really
        They voted in the chaos and even those who promoted it jumped ship
        It’s hilarious that he’s still promoting isolation as a positive for the so called UK.
        This will end in tears…tears over the water.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        I heard, from a politician not a trucker alas, that it would take approx. 8 mins per vehicle to get through the additional layer of customs post-Brexit. Underestimate or not, having recently traveled through Holyhead via the ferry, that is going to really add delays at port. Jungle has gone now from Calais right? Even still, that port will be fupped also.

        1. Increasing Displacement

          Easiest option would be to have trucks for the UK segregated to their own slow moving isolated (as they wanted) off to one side lines and have EU trucks continue as is.

        2. giggidygoo

          I wouldn’t take a politicians word.
          On the Irish trucks not having the delays. They will if they transit the UK. Not only the queues, but UK customs are/will be quite entitled to search Irish trucks anytime they want when they’re in the UK There will also be transit paperwork to be checked. It’s not a case of just driving through.

  5. SOQ

    Absolute codswallop by Donaldson.

    Both sides have already offered an extension to talks if needed. There will be no ‘no deal’ because it is in nobody’s interest for that to happen.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      It does show how worried they are. This was said as a threat to May and has little to do with Ireland.

    2. ReproButina

      True. The UK have been smashing up against the EU’s position for months. They’ll eventually see sense and cede to all the EU’s demands.

    3. scottser

      There is no deal possible that may will get through parliament. theyll kick it down the road again, wait n see.

  6. kellMA

    Jeffrey with two fs, Jeffrey took up his place
    Sat on a carpet and with tablas in hand took up the chase
    Jeffrey is having a good old unionist tantrum. Can’t turn around for tantrums in this Brexit process. At least, “I’m a celeb etc.” is on soon….

  7. Iwerzon

    Horrible man – I met him at a work thing in the States years ago and he ignored me magnificently (it was my Fenian accent I think).

    1. bisted

      …poor Jeffery…no matter how much he protests or how affected his accent becomes…the minute he steps of the plane in the ‘mainland’ or struts into 10 Downing Street…he’s called Irish…

  8. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    The (our) eternal British problem. What did we do to be so unfortunate for to end up stuck beside this lot. They’re an endless thorn in our side. The irony being in Britain we’re (the Irish) considered the problem! With the greatest of respect I think the whole world would delight in Britain and the British actually accomplishing their wish of being independant, finally disembarking from all the places they landed on over the years, caused absolute f*****n chaos for all the people they ran in to on the way and once and for all pull up their drawbridge and shut themselves off in Good Ould Blighty. You really are a scourge of a nation.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Feeling better now ?
      Sounds like an English rose gave you a swerve.
      Probably the chrome buckles on your shoes and the white socks combo.
      Matched with a nylon GAA shirt and ginger hair it’s not a great look.
      Dry your eyes M8.

      1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

        “Sounds like an English rose gave you a swerve”

        Oh look, all about you again.

        Oh enjoy your Brexit. I know I will :-)

        Haha Hahaha Hahahahahahahahahahaha

        1. Increasing Displacement

          All I know is, once there’s Brexit the Brits can no longer flood the market with cheap products as they are doing in our industry…then it’ll be coin time for us

    2. Iwerzon

      Do you know what might help all this nonsense? If England had their own devolved Government. Somewhere where they could channel their inner nationalism – maybe make something good of it like the Scots and Welsh – and it might, to an extent, address their inflated superiority complex!

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