Meanwhile, In The White House


This morning.

The Guardian reports:

[CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim] Acosta has had his White House credentials revoked after engaging in a fiery exchange with Donald Trump during a press conference after the mid-term elections [yesterday].

Acosta asked Trump about immigration and Trump refused to answer Acosta’s questions, repeatedly telling him to sit down. Acosta initially refused to relinquish the microphone to a female intern and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later tweeted that Acosta had placed his hands on the young woman.


White House accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of ‘placing his hands’ on young intern – video (The Guardian)

82 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The White House

  1. rotide

    Watched this live and the entire thing was a disgrace, he really is the dictionary definition of a bully.

    Gotta say, when it happened I did think ‘did he just push yer woman away?’, but seeing it from the side angle there’s nothing in it. Won’t stop the trump administration labelling him as a mugger though

      1. rotide

        And then Trump started on him tooWhat can they do?

        They have been reporting on the man’s lies and foibles for two years , the rest of the political establishment and half the voters DGAF

        1. Col

          The American people know what he is and enough of them are OK with it to keep him there until at least 2020.

          1. Toe Up

            The US is so fupped up right now.

            They are so far from the “land of the free, home of the brave” and “greatest country in the world” crap that they love to drone on about, that it is laughable.

    1. realPolithicks

      The thing that is so remarkable about drumfp and his henchpeople is that they say whatever they want despite the fact that what they say is clearly shown to be a lie.

      1. Is A ____

        The thing about the looney left is telling lies about Trump is the best way to muster social proof within their looney left peer group.

        They are being gaslight by each other!

  2. baz

    Acosta grandstanding again. Another hack trying to make themselves the story, tremendous narcissism.

    bye bye Jim.

    1. Martco

      wow. we’re off to hell in a handcart. and at the hands of an orange reality tv star. who would have imagined.

      have the democrats (or republicans – tho I assume nobody will challenge him) got anyone on board that could delete him in the next election?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Grabbed it and tried to use it as a microphone. Like a purple microphone, I suppose, cept not really. I’m beginning to lose my thread here.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Give it a good old bash like you might do to a ketchup bottle to release the contents.

  3. kellMA

    He didn’t “put his hands” on her. Ridiculous. He resisted her attempts to take the microphone from him by holding firm. He never moved towards her once, pushed her or even blocked her. He just froze from what I see on the clip. Some fake news from the creator of fake news. I am so bored of this orange little man-boy.

  4. Cold Eye

    Wasn’t it just electric.Pity we don’t have the same.Would like to see Mary Lou take on ‘Mr President’.

  5. gorugeen

    Proves Trump is a boorish, uncouth bully. Fair play to the other reporter that tried to stand up for his colleague.

  6. Dub Spot

    Inarticulate speech of the arse. Unamerican and pig ignorant with it. He really is a Confederate President.

  7. Ollie Cromwell

    Accosts is not the most popular hack in the White House pool.
    We saw why at this news conference
    Has let his ego play right into Trump’s hands.
    Meanwhile CNN’s ratings continue to tank.
    CEO Jeff Sucker’s aggressive approach not playing well with the American audience.
    So sad.
    As the Donald would say.

    1. Nigel

      They just suspended his access for asking questions Trump didn’t like using a lie so obvious and blatant it speaks of nothing but contempt for the public and here’s you agreeing 2+2=5.

  8. bigx

    So when a reporter excuses himself to an intern and tries to continue to do his job it is an assault . Trump grabs women’s genitals and says they let you do it if you are rich and famous.
    It is time for all reporters to treat Trump as the bully he is.

  9. RuilleBuille

    This astounding behaviour by little Donnie is just a deflection from loosing the house of representatives.

    The mid-terms were basically a drawn but Trump is physiologically unable to accept defeat even in the smallest matter.

  10. Ian-O

    At this stage, I really have to wonder at how so many people here think he is great? He clearly is not mentally healthy, he clearly has deep issues which have never been addressed and he is clearly incapable of doing or saying anything without making it into a circus with him at the centre.

    When 2020 comes, he most likely won’t get back in unless the democrats really make a mess of selecting their candidate. I wonder how many Sanders supporters gave him a vote as a fupp you to Clinton and I wonder how many genuine Christians will just abstain rather than vote in a man who is perhaps the most morally defunct President they have had in a long, long time (and they have had some whoppers.)

    When you make George W Bush look smart, Nixon look honest and Reagon look dove-ish, you know you have a Trumpy on your hands.

    1. Nigel

      Nobody thinks he’s great. Nobody thinks he’s good. But the new politics of the right is to insist that he is great despite all evidence to the contrary. You can’t argue political policy differences with that kind of belligerent lying. Whoever the Democrats pick will get eaten alive in the media personality-driven frenzy, so you need someone who can plausibly act like the calm adult in the face of endless tantrums, taunting and oppositional defiance disorder. As with the Repeal campaign and the mid-terms, it;s the ground game and the get-out-the-vote efforts that will win or lose it for them.

      1. Ian-O

        Seems a sizable proportion of the US electorate do think he’s great. He has very little in the way of achievements thus far yet they think he is the second coming or something.

        Part of me almost wishes he gets another 4 years just so he can royally fupp up the US and go down as the worst president they ever had, but only the nasty, childish, Trump like part of me. The calm, reasonable part knows his actions will have huge ramifications for the rest of us and want him gone. Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan are people I disagree with yet would do a far superior job than him. Hell, Donald Duck would do a better job.

        1. Nigel

          There was a journalist in 2016 who said something to the effect that the US is not the good and happy place it likes to think it is, but as soon as it stops believing that, the whole world is in trouble.

          1. newsjustin

            I think that makes a lot of sense.

            The very IDEAL of the USA, not the detailed delivery, is genuinely important for the free world.

      2. Is A ____

        Booming economy, manufacturing jobs returning to USA, wages going up, new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, peace with North Korea, US now world leader in energy production. Markets doing well…

        Won the election with every major media operation in the tank for his opponent and the US intelligence service weaponized against him…

        But yeah, there is absolutely no evidence for Trump’s greatness. He’s an idiot and a fool (am I doing that correct?)

        I’d rather believe anonymous characters on the interwebs pushing their fact-free narratives.


          1. Is A ____

            The House is now full of crazy Dimms virtue signalling their way through the next 2 years.

            Where do you think legislation goes when it leaves the House?

            To the Senate of course, which can reject, pass or completely rewrite this legislation as it sees fit.

            The Senate controls the judges’ nomination process, the Cabinet appointments and any vote to impeach.

            Trump make the Dimms spend oodles of cash on House races while he secures the Senate with MAGA Republicans.

            Yet he came to the press conference yesterday offering bi-partisanship. And what did the Dimms and their media acolytes do? They poo all over the place.

            Now Jim ‘Dear Diary’ Acosta is all over the internet with video footage of him showing the world what a giant bottom-wipe he really is (and yes committing technical assault on a White House intern).

            Now the Dimms have to spend today explaining and justifying their fake news warrior instead of doubling down on their hypocrisy over Sessions.

            Trump has you all following laser pointers. Your refuse to see how you’re being played by one of the greatest media manipulators the world has ever seen.

            What happens next is your own fault.

            But yeah: OrangeManBad.

          2. Nigel

            It’s like you took a big dose of laxative and then went sploosh all over your keyboard. For Trump.

          3. Is A ____

            Fact free Nigel Shills for Dimms.

            He’s a Dimm shill, A shilly Dimm. Refuses to acknowledge facts right in front of his nose. No counter argument just insults. Just keeps with the programming. For sure.


          4. Nigel

            Everything I said was factual, just in the form of metaphor. Nobody believes a word you’ve said, not even you.

          5. Is A ____

            Poor aul Nigel.

            The truth is making him ill.

            Can’t tell the facts from his own fancy.

            Just remember: Only 2 more years til 4 more years!

          6. millie st murderlark

            You must get off on consistently being wrong.

            How’s that diet of Infowars suiting you? Coz you might want to step outside Mammy’s shed and maybe eat some fruit.

        1. Ian-O

          Coming from an anonymous character on the interwebs pushing your fact-free narratives, I am inclined to have a good chuckle at your witless rambling.

          Keep on. You’re amusing.

  11. anne

    The Mad King doesn’t like mean questions.. Rude. Very mean man. Fake news.

    He only likes tremendous questions from wonderful people. Wonderful nice people. Not CNN reporter.

  12. wearnicehats

    I wonder if there is a forum in America where people endlessly discuss Irish politicians. Why are Irish people so obsessed with dissecting Trump? Americans voted for him – it’s their problem. He’s going to get in again in 2020 too so the rest of the world needs to get over it

    1. Nigel

      I wonder if there’s anywhere else on the internet where people complain about the things other people like to talk about on the internet oh yeah bloody everywhere, Get over it.

      1. wearnicehats

        well that’s me told

        I’m just curious as to why the rest of the world is in such a tizzy over a man who the American public voted in as President. A man who isn’t behaving any differently now as to the way he did before he was president. It’s not as if a communal gnashing of teeth is going to make any difference to his behaviour or, indeed, any difference to the way Americans will vote in 2020, and this new thing of hashtagging his skin tone is frankly juvenile

        1. Ian-O

          Funny but the person hash tagging his skin colour appears to be either witless troll or a full on MAGAtt.

          As to the discussions of the person whose decisions have ramifications for the rest of the world, perhaps you should expand your reading material as his decisions are kind of important to the rest of us, for good or ill.

          However, a communal gnashing of teeth is going to have an effect on 2020. Everything affects everything else. It might be minimal but if donors to his campaign sense him making a decision or decisions that cuts their bottom line via adverse public opinion, then that can hamper his ability to effectively campaign, especially if they switch to his opponent. That’s how US politics works.

          1. wearnicehats

            I get that but my point is that the man is not going to be swayed by the opinions of anyone other than those who will vote for him. He’s not going to stumble upon Broadsheet and decide to change. If the American public were really that horrified by the mistake that the rest of world consider they made then there would have been wholesale changes on the back of the mid-term elections as opposed to the really quite small level of public dissension that there was. The last people to desert Trump will be those who donate to his campaign. Those are the people who Trump will always keep sweet with tax breaks etc. The only people who will make in difference in 2020 will be the ordinary voters and, at the minute, they don’t seem to be overly swayed by the SJW Facebook outrage brigade. I just think that this whole anti-trump, hashtag orange thing is just another howmanylikescanIgetonFacebook crusade. It’s all a bit tiresome

        2. Nigel

          Do you only talk about things you can directly affect? I mean, you can’t really affect what I choose to talk about, but you’re talking about that? It’s rare you see an advocate for narrow parochialism of this sort.

    2. anne

      We’re just a little backwater. Do you think no one would have discussed Rome at the height of the Roman empire?

      1. Ian-O

        Should we then believe what you tell us or reality, which is what the eye reports to us?

        I’m going to go with option B please, Bob.

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