An Investment Opportunity


How many units?

Gillespie Lowe are pleased to present this excellent investment opportunity to the market. 35 Bunting Road comprises 9 self contained units to include 8 studio flats together with 1 one bedroom flat. The property currently produces an income of €70,2000 per annum.

Good times.

35, Bunting Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 (MyHome)

Thanks James M Chimney

23 thoughts on “An Investment Opportunity

    1. ____

      It’s one of those places where the owner has extended out over the entire garden.
      No chance it has planning permission, no chance a decent builder would have touched something like that. No chance of getting a mortgage on it. Almost certainly a death-trap to boot.

      1. Vanessa off the Telly

        That particular part of D12 is considered high density
        And those terraced dwellings are allowed full use attic conversation

        And I can promise you
        Nothing happens around there
        Without the planners and building enforcement knowing
        Or been told

        1. ___

          I DO admire your optimism (even though I’ve seen a good few of these in similar areas) I ignored for a second that such a development would go against some of the most basic planning guidelines and had a look – no record of any application for the site.

          1. ____

            @vanessa No worry about they buyer. It’ll have to be a cash buyer, which means that it will almost certainly continue to be used as an illegal tenement.

            I worry about the people who have lived and will live in that grotty, thrown-together fire-trap.

          2. Vanessa off the Telly

            Even if it is a cash buyer
            If the planning is not in order
            Or the title isn’t sound
            They’re still not going to close

            Unless they are prepared to take the risk and accept that Building Enforcement etc will put an order on it
            In which case they put it right themselves
            And add another 200k to the SP
            Then you have former Corpo in D12 in the million yo-yo range


    2. Vanessa off the Telly


      Those gardens are huge TBF
      But that’s a quare amount of accommodation for that single entrance
      Having said that part of Bunting Road does have rear access with a lot of garage units, many of them commercially occupied
      Tyres, panel beaters etc

      So maybe
      If it’s on the up and up then it’s a great buy

      I live around there in the Village so I’ll have a drive by and see what end of the road tis

        1. Vanessa off the Telly

          Johnny Hamptons is yer man for that Anne
          I’m your bog standard accounts stuff

          He’s full fancy Investment Analyst big bucks stuff

          1. anne

            Yeah, great thanks.

            “A great buy” mentally gives us these sort of poo holes taking advantage of people’s desperation to have a roof over their head Vanilly.

            You and your ilk can trot off & look for great buys in orange juice or grain or gold or fupping pencils and biros for all I care..& leave gouging the need people have for shelter.

            Get yer great buys elsewhere.

    1. Sean

      Apologies, I conflated Vishnu and Krishna. But I don’t think either of them would have given this planning permission.

    2. Vanessa off the Telly

      I’ve seen worse

      But that area is particularly designated for high density with demand in particular from;
      Our Ladies
      And Tallaght
      For single unit accommodation

      Unless the property is protected
      City Council will stamp anything in the DSC area if it’s increasing the residential capacity

      1. Joe

        that high a density and it would need to be treated like apartments in relation to planning and would need fire certification. it would be such a big investment there is no way you wouldn’t want to show it off.

  1. Ron

    Can any member of the public check to see if that was ever registered with PRTB for that address and can any member of the public check if that has appropriate planning permission

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