Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Don Reilly writes:

Shame about all the empty seats at the Presidential Inauguration….




Lensman Visual tweetz:

Photographs from Michael D Higgins’ inauguration last night, video to follow soon. Wishing President Higgins the best for his second term in office.

21 thoughts on “Bigly Huge

  1. Vanessa off the Telly

    For another laugh
    Look at Zappone there
    4th down, back row

    lets take a guess at what she might be thinking

    Why has that ‘wan Robinson have a better seat than me

    BTW is that Kevin Cardiff next to Mary R?

  2. Ian-O

    Wonder how many immigrants and travelers were there? Outside the cleaning staff anyway?

    Michael D is big on words, as he says, ‘words matter’ and they do, a bit. But action even more so.

    Another 7 years of his spoofing and waffling and crap poetry.

    Still, Mary McAleese is looking very stylish and presidential so there is that.


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