‘For Locals And Blow-ins Alike’


The A to Z of Being Irish –  From the Angelus to Zig and Zag

By Sarah Cassidy & Kunak McGann.

Ruth Heneghan, at The O’Brien Press, writes:

Why do Irish people find it so hard to finish a phone call? Ever wondered about the healing powers of dock leaves, flat 7UP and Sudocrem? Love the sound of Miggeldy Higens but not sure who he is? Confused about the difference between ‘going out’ and ‘going out-out’?

This handy A to Z will explain it all.

From AA Roadwatch to the Angelus, from B*Witched to bacon & cabbage, from carvery to Community Games, The A to Z of Being Irish is perfect for locals and blow-ins alike…In Bookshops Now, €9.99….

The O’Brien Press

The Making Of The A-Z Of Being Irish (The OBrien Press)

Irish-made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

14 thoughts on “‘For Locals And Blow-ins Alike’

  1. Ian-O

    Oh hilarious stuff altogether, I am cracking up here.

    No, I am not. And as for ”Love the sound of Miggeldy Higens but not sure who he is? ”

    He’s the guy who promised one term and then broke that promise and everybody (well, less than 25% of the electorate with a valid vote at least) loves because of his funny voice and twee imagery.

    Most of the stuff in here has already being tackled by Irish comedians (and Des Bishop, ‘personality’).

    In essence, a load of ball – ox.

      1. millie st murderlark


        We just had the crisps argument in the office today. You think we’d get bored of it but no.

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