Our Nation Turns It Lonely Eyes To Ye


From top: Mick McCarthy and Robbie Keane; latest odds the next Republic of Ireland manager on Paddy Power

McCarthy is the leading candidate to replace Martin O’Neill and he is reportedly interested in the role. He has been out of work since leaving Ipswich in April.

And Keane is in the equation to work alongside McCarthy, after being previously linked with the Under-21 team job.

Mick McCarthy and Robbie Keane: the ‘dream team’ after O’Neill’s €1m departure (Independent.ie)

Paddy Power

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6 thoughts on “Our Nation Turns It Lonely Eyes To Ye

  1. DeKloot

    That combo works for me. Reality is we need someone familiar with the layout of the Premiership/Championship and its various characteristics… He’s more of a hands on manager that O’Neill and with Venom out of the mix too, the team’s spirit should lift again…. That’s the most disappointing thing from this.. watching the team’s spirit ground out of them….

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    But didn’t we already have McCarthy as a Manager and he failed? Unless this is a rotational job and we go through all of the ex-gaffers for a second shot at it.

  3. :-Joe

    Stephen Kenny has won the League of Ireland with Dundalk 4 out of 5 times in the past half decade and deserves a shot at improving the senior team.

    McCarthy is not a terrible choice and he did ok before but not great in fairness.. he played a part in the loss of Keane in Saipan and they should have beat Spain at the time… even without Keane.

    I’ve no clue how good or bad Robbie Keano will be as a manger or if he’s just another token symbolic talking point for the media frenzy…

    I’d give Stephen Kenny what he deserves if he wants this nightmare situation himself.


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