Banker Cheats Cheat Us All



This afternoon.

Latest: Minister says banks ‘unable to feel pain or conscience’ amid track mortgage scandal (Irish Examiner)


Assistant Secretary Department of Social Protection Kathleen Stack with Leo Varadkar, then Fine Gael Minister for Social Protectio, in April, 2017

More than 3,200 persons in receipt of welfare benefits have been overpaid by a minimum of €30,000 and still owe €179m back to the State, it emerged yesterday.

The Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee heard that the overall level of outstanding debt on pension, welfare and carers payments due to overpayments now stands at €501m

Good times

3,200 welfare claimants overpaid by at least €30k (irish Examiner)


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10 thoughts on “Banker Cheats Cheat Us All

  1. Kolmo

    If I walked in to a local bank and stole a €1000 – is there a possibility that they wouldn’t bother hunting me down and prosecuting me for the crime?

    2 chances, bud..

    The banks didn’t steal because they were hungry unfortunate street urchins to be pitied, they stole from hard – pressed working people because they were greasy fupps, just like any other parasitic criminal organization..

  2. scottser

    The other day a woman was jailed for two months for not paying for a packet of pringles. The courts are full of the wrong people.

    1. Praetorian.

      Ahhh now…she had 120 previous convictions and was barred from the store the offence occurd in…this lady had serious form.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Usual non commit comment by Leo the lazy.
    ‘Won’t rule out’
    ‘Looking into’
    ‘Considering ‘
    2020 2030 2040

    Here’s another poster headline he could use
    ‘Welfare department idiots cheat us all’ €501m I believe is the running total of these highly paid yokes. 40% above the private sector.

    Here’s another one. ‘Mileage cheating ministers cheat us all’

    Here’s another one. Chief Whip unlawful payments cheat us all’

    Feel free to add

  4. phil

    Dont see what it has to do with him, there is a Chinese wall between politics and the courts , so If a crime has been committed the Gardai will surely investigate , whatever politicians think. Thats how it works, isnt it?

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