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  1. JLK

    IT – over 300 GPs stayed for the 4hr meeting and discussion. Why so much attention on this 40? Hardly a crisis

    1. Giggidygoo

      They haven’t realized it yet. Come back in March and show me the Backstop. Or let’s see the legal opinion that Maus government are trying to keep from the commons.

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      To have spent so long badmouthing Leo and the backstop he can’t change tack now, poor GiggidyGobPoo, denial is his truth, typical SF/IRA tactics.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Still waiting for your take on this ‘backstop’. I do believe there a text somewhere with some fluffy reference to something even fluffier that was put into some document that wasn’t a legal document.

        But sure you wouldn’t have a clue anyway now would you? Go on, give us your insights into the ‘backstop ‘ and where such a thing has any legality. Your insight on how such a thing would work is eagerly awaited.

        Even a quick google search will inform you that the backstop doesn’t exist.
        The “Irish backstop” is effectively an insurance policy in UK-EU Brexit negotiations. … That draft agreement now needs to be approved by the UK Parliament. If a withdrawal agreement isn’t signed before the end of March 2019 and we have a so-called “no deal” Brexit, there won’t be an Irish backstop arrangement.

  2. Ads

    I don’t want to be addressed by my first name by strangers without having invited them to do so. Especially not when I’m sick and frightened.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I was tickled pink by an Italian nurse using all these terms, tbh the staff’s friendliness goes a long way to make up for the conditions and limits they have to work in and is actually amazing considering some patients attitudes to the care givers who many o have witnessed seem to think they are in a hotel. If anyone really has an issue being called dear or love when they look and feel at their worst sure they have a mouth in their heads to say nicely I prefer being called Mavis.

        1. scottser

          if i was a doctor i’d start calling people by their chart number ie, ‘patient 3450’.
          but not patient zero, that would be too obvious.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ba dum tush,
            I just wanted to make a drum noise after your joke ,
            yours patient zero… muuuuah

    1. SoLo

      I have no problem with dear or love, but being called ‘good girl’ when you’re pregnant on your second child was very odd and happened to friends as well.

  3. Eoin

    The Brexit TV debate next Sunday ahead of the “meaningful vote” tomorrow week, is reflective of the whole Brexit mess.

    Tories want the debate on the BBC, Labour wants it on ITV. Brexiteers, like Boris Johnson want a true-blood Brexiter on to argue for a no-deal. Why isn’t Vince Cable taking part? The BBC wants a panel of 20 to ask the questions in the debate, ITV wants a moderator. No word on audiences, or audience participation. Will it clash with or replace Dr Who?

    There’s a 50% probability the debate won’t take place at all. Kinda like a Brexit deal.

    1. Cian

      Just don’t have it on at the same time as Corrie or Eastenders – or nobody would watch it. Gotta get your priorities straight.

  4. Eoin

    Is that the first time the Russian proprietor of the Independent has appeared on the front “page”? Evgeny likes to hobnob with celebrities, that’s no surprise, but interesting to see his profile being raised and particularly in support of what would be seen in Russia as a gay cause. Is Daddy Lebedev concerned about moves by Trump or Mnuchin?

      1. Eoin

        Not at all, I’m a huge fan of Daddy Lebedev. And why wouldn’t I be, didn’t he teach Elvis karate, here he is in a fetching bum freezer putting manners on a cheeky upstart on Russian TV (warning: mild violence which might shock some, though others will find it hilarious!)


        And, boy can he dance. Here he is with the missus. Killer moves (warning: extreme dad’s dancing and even more extreme relationship age gap)


  5. johnny

    In Ireland Stephen Donnelly is arguably McKinsey and Company’s highest profile alumni,the issue du jour for Stephen is Vaginal Mesh,in a surprising twist his party colleague Éamon Ó Cuív has not jumped on the vaginal mesh and incontinence bandwagon just yet.

    At one point McKinsey and Co were held in high esteem, these days they are advising Dennis O”Brien and Digicel,while paying back South Africa for one the most egregious frauds in modern history(all links below).
    They have also been in the news over compiling for the blood thirsty Saudis a list of activists on twitter, they had to resign from their ICE account and were in the WSJ over the weekend for blatant and extremely disturbing conflicts regarding a bankruptcy.

    Given this its no surprise that their ‘plan’ know as Project Swan has been an abject failure, Digicel has again disappointed its bondholders by not hitting its own earnings and debt reduction targets, as prepared by Stephen’s alma mater,Digicel is quite literally having its last drink at the last chance saloon.

    But McKinsey and Company will be just fine, cant say the same for Stephen.

    -terrific investigate piece here-

    1. Giggidygoo

      Three Billion wouldn’t go astray. Plans already in progress. Didn’tsell needs not worry. Always a trough available in good old ireland.

      1. johnny

        -as a humorous aside Pat Coveny (Simons bro) served as Managing Partner of McKinsey, Ireland prior to his disastrous gig at Greencore-

  6. johnny

    “In an unusual move, a Justice Department unit urged a federal judge to claw back fees paid to McKinsey & Co. for what it says are inaccurate and misleading disclosures in a 2015 bankruptcy case.”


    “But when you start looking, you see, OK, we have South Africa. In the U.S., there’s also—they’re being sued for violations in the federal-bankruptcy system. And the [Wall Street] Journal has covered a bunch of this, including the possibility that they were advising on a bankruptcy that they were also an investor in—a clear conflict of interest. And then you get to this Saudi Arabia thing. Again, is this institutional rot? If it isn’t, then it may very well be a failure of leadership, right?”


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