Infinite Cities


The intricate pencilings of JaeCheol Park (aka ‘PaperBlue’) – done in the style of architectural drawings but given fantastical free reign to merge and blur into dreamlike urban environments.

The artist, based in Seongnam, South Korea offers YouTube tutorials here.


11 thoughts on “Infinite Cities

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I am truly in awe of artists who can do works of this detail, and I would include artists of graphic novels, manga and many other genres also. I can barely follow the detail looking at it expanded on my screen, let alone in my minds eye.

    Thanks for posting, @Chomsky

      1. Ian-O

        Do you mean Perdido St, Scar and Iron Council?

        If so, I see an addition to the wish list…..

        (Off to look that up now, I have a 10% off code too…. :) )

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