Dan Boyle: With Apologies To Dr. Swift


US President Donald Trump (top) has ‘wisely has identified climate change mania as the communism of our time,’ writes Dan Boyle (above)

Over the past two months there have been a slew of reports informing us of the ecological crisis we supposedly collectively face.

For climate change deniers, and the more cynical among us, these reports represent a conspiracy to eke out an ever more demanding amount of tax from an already overburdened populace.

First to emerge in the scare and pay fraud were the mitherings of the International Panel on Climate Change. A shadowy United Nations front which shamefully has used accumulated scientific data to claim that as a planet we have only 12 years to ensure that the growth in global temperatures does not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. Otherwise as a planet we are locked into the unavoidable consequences of climate change.

The second attempt to undermine life as we know it, were the mumblings of the World Wildlife Fund suggesting that 60% of animal life has been diminished since 1970. What a pity we couldn’t have eaten them all.

The misery guts of the World Meteorological Organisation then sought to frighten us by saying that carbon emissions on having passed 400 parts per million in 2015 were now 405 parts per million in 2017. What’s 5 parts per million between friends? And that’s while ignoring the increase in methane and nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases.

Then we have the attempt of the US Deep State to undermine the legitimately elected President of the country, the stable genius that is Donald J. Trump. This particular work of fiction claims that US economy in 2100 will be 10% less in value than it is today because of climate change.

With this level of deceit it is reassuring to realise that the religious right opposition to the lies and deceit of the climate change demonology still holds sway.

We should be grateful that President Trump has wisely and successfully identified climate change mania as the communism of our time.

This Trump Effect is recognised by yet another rainforest diminishing report, this time by the Dublin based, pretentiously named Institute of International and European Affairs.

While not its intention, this report shows the Trump strategy on climate change to be brilliant.

Firstly it creates a competing, alternative truth to the hysteria of climate change. Secondly it decries the amount of public money being spent on compiling useless data on the concentration of this or that gas in the atmosphere. It goes on to suggest that it creates a welfare system for scientists.

Thirdly it seeks to hide or block access to this useless data, lest its importance or context be misunderstood.

The holding of the latest iteration of the climate change circus #COP24 in Katowice, Poland is a masterpiece of contrived subtext as well as context.

Sited at the heart of the country’s coal reserves, what better celebration could there be of the fossil fuel that has helped bring real prosperity to those of us living in the developed World.

In Ireland we should also acknowledge the government of a country, that has been even more successful than ours, in refusing to comply with European Union requirements to reduce carbon emissions.

We need to be vigilant to the danger that climate change fraud places on our way of life. We need to prevent its attempt to place prohibitions on life, and on business (as usual), as we have known it.

Let us embrace the motto for the Trump Effect – Burn Baby Burn.

Dan Boyle is a former Green Party TD and Senator. His column appears here every Thursday. Follow Dan on Twitter: @sendboyle

Dr Swift?

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13 thoughts on “Dan Boyle: With Apologies To Dr. Swift

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    Trumps support from the non believing side of climate change is easily gained. You can see why resistance to the green agenda amongst the great unwashed is so strong. Put very simply the majority of people reading this article, nevermind those in poorer countries, think and plan on a day to day, week to week basis. What’s being asked of ordinary people is to pay more taxes – which makes them poorer – which amounts to them giving more of their hard earned cash to some of the least fiscally responsible or trust worthy folks on the planet i.e.politicians. And all this in the name of 100 years down the road. When those same politicians in Ireland for example cant regulate housing costs you can see why the general population would be woe betide to hand over even more cash to those boffons. Most people are thinking about dinner for their kids and where to find another months exorbitant rent. It’s not hard to see where priorities lie.

    Then there’s great big emissions numbers fallacy across the E.U. for example. An Irish person [supposedly] produces more carbon emissions per capita than their German counterpart so [supposedly] that makes us dirtier. Its horse twaddle though. Germany as a nation is filthy. Scrap the per capita scale and we’re squeaky clean. In fact all we need is a million immigrants and we’ve squared the circle! Really! Is that a cleaner more environmentally conscious society that would ultimately be taxed lower. Maybe we should ban beef farming altogether and just export the emissions taxes to Brazil! It’s nonsense. Maybe Germany should stop manufacturing so much of everything and we’ll just export the emission problem to China. It’s bullpoo.

    People need to be brought by the hand, not kicked in the arse. As it is they’ve been pushed too far already. Nobody willingly wants the destruction of our planet, nobody. It’s just that given a choice between a proper dinner or one more polar bear being saved the harsh reality for the great majority is ‘my house first’

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yup, not enough focus on the manufacturing practices, and too much focus on the end consumer, which is for all intents and purposes a focus AFTER the fact.

        1. scottser

          recycling here is a joke clamps. i won’t pay for a green bin lift so i take it all to the dcc facility in coolock. everything gets mashed up together – plastics, paper, cardboard etc and taken to covanta and burned. i used to take stuff down to ballyogan when i lived over south side and they at least give the impression that the stuff is being re used as you have to separate everything out but nope, that’s all going to covanta to be burned as well.
          and don’t get me started on bottles. anyone who has ever bought a crate of beer in holland or germany knows how proper recycling works, and the savings to the consumer. single use glass bottles is a bigger disgrace than single use plastics.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            I agree with all that.

            The manufacturing end can be improved, packaging is ridiculous on too many products.

    2. Nigel

      Meh. Feck the Trump supporters. As usual it’s not about wasting time and energy winning over the actively malevolent it’s about finding a way of effectively representing everyone else, getting them engaged and having their voices heard.

      This usual nonsense about demanding apologies and half-measures from the people who want to save the planet that keeps us alive has to stop. The truth is brutal. We’re at the point of the Celtic tiger when the warnings were clear and unambiguous and people ignored it because nobody wanted to kick them in the arse now to spare them a savage beating later. So they got the beating.

      If people want the suffering and hardship directed upwards, at governments and corporations where it’ll do the most good, then they need to get their backsides in gear because I guarantee it if they don’t it’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks. And by then Trump, as he said himself, won’t be around any more to see how it all works out.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        “This usual nonsense about demanding apologies and half-measures from the people who want to save the planet that keeps us alive has to stop.”

        …the fupp are you on about?

        You could inflate a hot air balloon with the meaningless nonsense out of you sometimes :)

  2. ollie

    Look at France preaching yet withdrawing fuel tax increases because of the yellow jackets
    France produces almost 80% of their electricity using nuclear power. They have an excellent transport system. Their carbon emission per head are a hell of a lot less than Ireland.

    Its too easy to attack our agriculture industry which like it or not for Dublin and its hatred of farmers
    What does this mean?

    It is a major industry and one that feeds our nation
    Not true. We import 50% of the food we consume. We export 90% of the beef produced here.
    30% of our greenhouse gases are directly attributed to agriculture.

    1. Nigel

      In an odd and uneasy way, the anti-diesel tax riots might be a good sign. It was the usual centre-right half -measure that put the burden on the bottom rather than the top. I’m not confident that message will get through but it needs to be pushed out there.

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