This morning.

Lois McGrath writes:

Across the road from The Coombe, Dublin 8…


11 thoughts on “Save Yourselves

  1. Clampers Outside !

    This is just a guess, so here goes…

    The technology colleges of Dublin including DIT, IT Tallaght and IT Blanchardstown are all to be renamed “as Technological University Dublin when the change comes into force next January” …or TUD in the bottom right of the poster.
    Is it a teaser campaign of some sort?

    More here –

  2. ReproBertie

    These posters by TUD appear about once a year. There was one about a mechanic trying to contact a woman whose car he had repaired and another about an unfaithful husband, if I remember correctly.

  3. Jonjo

    That’s up there around 5 years.

    Just had a look on Google Street view. the one that was there in 2014 is a bit :-o


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