12 thoughts on “Facebook Update

  1. Eoin

    John Fitzpatrick or……. Sean (see Facebook screenshot above) Fitzpatrick? As we learned a few years ago when Sean Quinn quietly filed for bankruptcy in Belfast under the name “John”, the Gaelic for John is Sean.

    Tell us when you get back on Facebook, Seanie, I have a few choice questions about Anglo for ya.

    1. Jonjo

      It’s only because John/Sean has forgotten their password.

      I’m not sure why the old email passowrd reset is not good enough for Facebook unless there has been suspicious activity on John/Sean’s Faceboook and they think his email could also be compromised?

  2. Jusiph

    I experienced this recently for no apparent reason. Then I finally connected it to the facebook business page of a design agency for whom I had done contributions for several years ago and of which I was still an editor. More recently they had gotten involved in a digital advertising campaign which was considered contraversial in some US states (I won’t bore you with the details). As a result, everyone connected to the FB page was suspended just like the above. Some eventually had their accounts deleted completely!!

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