He Is Among Us


This afternoon.

Westin Hotel, Dublin

Former British Prime Minister and enthusiastic remainer John Major marking the 25th Anniversary of the Downing Street Declaration with former Justice Minister Nora Owen (above left) and former Taoiseach John ‘the absolute head on me’ Bruton at an event organised by the Institute of International and European Affairs.

Any excuse.



British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin tomorrow as part of her tour to secure “reassurances” from EU leaders to help get her Brexit deal through parliament.

Mrs May is visiting EU leaders this week following the deferral of the House of Commons vote on her Brexit deal.

Theresa May to meet Taoiseach in Dublin tomorrow (RTÉ)

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34 thoughts on “He Is Among Us

  1. Eoin

    Did John Bruton, a director at Pimco (US investor, vulture linked to purchase of PTSB mortgages) have much to discuss with John Major, a director of Global Infrastructure Partners (US investor, vulture)?

  2. baz

    Look at EU whipped Ireland seeking solace from any available vessel.

    No end of narcissists available to pop up for the eager Pro eu Irish media spotlight

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    The 48 letters are in and the man in charge of them Sir Graham Brady has asked to see May after PMQs tomorrow.
    Leadership challenge underway.
    As I told you weeks ago she’ll be gone by Christmas.
    My bet on Jeremy Hunt as next PM from the beginning of the year beginning to look very,very tasty.
    Four grand will be a cushty Chrimbo present.
    Remember lads – keep your powder dry.
    Brexit has plenty of twists and turns to go yet.

    1. ReproBertie

      What an utter shambles. The British Taoiseach is off touring the EU with the begging bowl while her party stab her in the back so they can have a leadership campaign and then send another clown off to fail to get more from the EU.

      The best thing for the UK now is to cancel Article 50, regroup to figure out what they actually want, and then trigger it again.

      Hands up who wants another two years of laughing at British ineptitude?

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Welcome to proper politics old sport.
        A little different from the parish pump culchies who run your life.

        1. ReproBertie

          Proper politics! Hilarious. A parliament of clowns that have no idea what constitutes the country they govern or where it is. The Sasamachs have managed to make Leo & co look competent which is really saying something.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Postponing today’s meaningful vote may well be the fatal mistake that kills off May’s premiership.
    Being seen as an attempt to save her skin rather than get more concessions that the EU were never going to give.
    Good riddance.
    A dreadful PM.

  5. Ollie Cromwell

    And in foriegn news – China drops import tarriffs on US autos from 40% to 15%.
    Great result for Trump.

          1. scottser

            Thatcher and churchill believed in a united europe. Theyre turning in their graves at the mess ye made of it.

  6. Papi

    In other news, the trip to the vets for complete and utter castration has entered the car park. The dog still thinks people care about it.
    More to follow.

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