Meanwhile, In The High Court


Former Sergeant Maurice McCabe

Ann O’Loughlin, in the Irish Examiner, reports:

The State has admitted liability in two claims brought against it by Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe, the High Court has heard.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross was informed today liability had been admitted in a personal injuries claim brought by Mr McCabe against the Garda Commissioner, Ireland and the Attorney General.

…The actions are two of a number of cases Mr McCabe has brought against parties including the State, the Garda Commissioner, the HSE and Tusla.

State admits liability in actions against it by Maurice McCabe (Irish Examiner)

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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The High Court

  1. Thisisthis

    Hope he gets millions. Retire somewhere nice and never have to think of this crooked little country ever again.

  2. Eoin

    This is just atrocious reporting

    “liability had been admitted in a personal injuries claim brought by Mr McCabe against the Garda Commissioner, Ireland and the Attorney General.”

    Was this Maurice’s case initiated in 2017 against (1) Ireland (2) Attorney General (3) Minister for Justice and Equality (4) Commissioner of an Garda Siochana (5) Martin Callinan, all represented by the state solicitor Maria Browne.

    If so, has Martin Callinan admitted liability and if so, liability to what exactly? How much are Martin Callinan’s legal costs and who is paying them? What are Maurice’s personal injuries?

    1. postmanpat

      WE are going to pay for all of this and the lawyers defending the guilty parties, the lawyers working for McCabe and the guilty parties themselves will all have a Merry Christmas in their massive houses this year, next year and every year for generations to come. Throw him a half million and lock that silly commissioner dope with the mustache behind bars for for 10 years. deal?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        half a million?

        you could start at half a million each – him, his wife, each of his kids, parents, siblings. and then double it. and you’d still be nowhere near his due.

        1. postmanpat

          Surely seeing his false accusers dying behind bars would be justice enough, or would he prefer the money and everyone getting off scot free. Except the public who will be stiffed with the bill. the world and its mother knows he’s not guilty of the accusations. So his name is cleared. Everyone wants to see him strike it rich instead of calling for the commissioner head on a spike. The public will pay for it and the guilty parties will ride off into the sunset scot free with their nice pensions and legal bills also paid by us. Where is the justice for us?

    2. millie st murderlark

      His mental health undoubtedly suffered to the point that he planned on killing himself. He said as much in that Katie Hannon doc.

      Also the impact this must have had on his family, his kids.

      1. Eoin

        What about the roughhousing when he tried to hold onto the Pulse records at that meeting a hotel conference room?

        Of course there was stress, but the State admitting liability means we’ll never get the specifics.

        The general point here is, Martin Callinan (him, personally, by name) who was the 5th defendant is getting off scot-free. The State admitting liability means the specifics will never get aired. Yes, some might be in the public domain subject to defamation limitations, we might have gotten a lot more from an affidavit opened in court.

        The anodyne reporting of this settlement is concealing the fact that so much dirt is being brushed under the carpet, right before our eyes.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    Give him E50 million, he deserves it for what those rats put him through. E50m might also serve as a reminder to current and future garda commisioners et al for the cost of such treachery. I think they missed a good chance to use this as a catalyst for reform but time will tell.

  4. Kevin Higgins

    Ultimately Maurice will receive not less than €10 Mill between various actions.
    deserves every penny.
    Not a whisper yet of matters which are certainly actionable by his wife
    and indeed children. I will raise a glass to them all

    1. Cian

      €50 million says Liam!
      €10 million?

      That is ludicrous. Loss of pay for 10 years + loss of pension = €900K; Then double it. €2m tops.

        1. Cian

          realPolithicks I agree he is owed something – but it should be relative to his pain and suffering. Vicky Phelan got €1.5 million – does McCabe really deserve seven times more?

          1. realPolithicks

            Obviously he won’t get anything like that amount, but he should be very well compensated for what he and his family were put through. Your amount is reasonable in fairness.

    1. Cian

      This doesn’t hurt them at all.
      It hurts you, me and all tax payers. It reduces the amount of money available for health services.

      Any monies paid to him should come for the pockets of those that caused this.

      1. realPolithicks

        The government was his employer and failed miserably to protect him and in some cases actively conspired against him. He deserves every cent he gets.

        1. Cian

          My point was that his compensation hurts the tax payer (you and me) – not the people that caused this.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    Reputational damage is immense and a laughing stock not a single ***hole faced prosecution.
    Have a happy & healthy future Mr & Mrs Mc Cabe.

  6. Termagant

    Is there to be ANY redress against Callinan for this whatso fupping ever? Because it’s not seeming like it.

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