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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Did they install lighting for the whole city for the visit? How many lights would you get installed for €29.5grand? And how dirty were those offices that deep cleaning had to be done, as opposed to a quick dust and a hoover?

    1. Stephen

      Installation of lighting: 29.5k
      Lighting: 5.5k
      Foyer Light 6.2k
      Thats 40k on lights, and another 7k on electricians.
      How many electricians to change a lightbulb, a feckin lot of its 40k worth of lights

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    They could have hired Brother Barnabas’ Mam for half the price.
    Polishing knobs is her speciality …

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?


      Yeer all just jealous. The City Hall is a beautiful building as befits one of the most fabulous cities in Europe. Probably THE most fabulous city, to be honest.

      I’da polished them knobs for NOTHING for Cork, coz it’s CORK.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    I am not trying to make excuses for others, but is this not part of the whole international deal? Official visits are covered by the host nation with, possibly, some recompense via the Embassy? Same happened with Obama’s visit way back when, if I recall correctly, although they did get his car stuck on the embassy gate speedbump :)

      1. Slightly Bemused

        And I love how every time a clip appears on t’InterWeb the boys of the secret Service take it down :)

  4. dhaughton99

    On Liveline last week, there was a lady who was running a small cleaning company down the bog, who had a contract to clean a few Garda stations. Contract had to be tendered for again, the goal posts where changed, you had to have a million plus in liabilty, rolled districts together. Didnt even notify them that the contract needed to be renewed. Lost it to one of the massive Uk services crowd.

  5. edalicious

    Less than 300 quid per head for a meal for actual royalty is probably not actually that bad, all things considered.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Yer laughing fishmonger feller down the English Market would have done it for free he had his nose so far up Brenda’s jacksie …

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Royalty, pah!
      Out-of-date concept.
      Friends of mine holidaying there at the time couldn’t even enter Killarney National Park for three days.
      I believe the cap-doffing was frightful.

  6. Mickey Minaj

    I hate when all expenditure is evaluated in units of hospital beds or houses for homeless, there are other areas in which governments spend money, 200k wouldnt buy you a house in cork anyway, its a nonsense. that said i am sure some one made a killing in doing this work but thats should be evaluated on its own merits and not silly populism of dividing y hospital beds or nights in a b&b etc

  7. Shayna

    It’s interesting that Cork should be regaled as “The Rebel County” – there is the famous, “English Market” – and this? As some of the previous commenters mentioned, (I’m paraphrasing – where is the money for Cork?). I mean – a bill of 4 grand, euro, or sterling for polishing door handles? Of course, it’s quite the craft? I remember stories of yesteryear when my antecedants used to rub stones together and make fire. They would be so proud of these people who polish door-handles to make make them appear shiny for The English.

    1. Otis Blue

      The Rebel County tag does actually relate to British royalty of sorts. It came about by Cork support for Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the British Throne in the 15th century and not as is generally assumed anything to do with the War of Independence.


      As for the English market, it was thus named to distinguish it from the ‘Irish Market’, developed in the 1840’s. The former having been developed in 1788 by the ‘Protestant’ or ‘English’ City Fathers as they were then perceived.

      Cork: it’s complicated.

  8. Shayna

    Just whilst I recall, I thought I would put it out there of a “Royal Visit”. Princess Diana was scheduled to meet people of a town in Yorkshire – a certain family were contacted to say they would be visited by HRH. It was my friend’s mom ( a tv make-up artist – I only mention that, it’s how I know her) in her house. She lived on a council estate and spent £14,000 renovating her bathroom in case Princess/Lady Diana needed a pee. The day came and indeed Princess/Lady Diana visited my friiend’s mom’s house – she made tea – the £14,000 toilet was offered to the Princess – Lady Diana whispered into the mom’s ear, “Trust me, I pee like a stallion!”. She didn’t use the £14,000 bathroom.

    1. Cian

      £14K for a bathroom… 20+ years ago? That is £25K today[1]… or €27,500 for a bathroom

      [1] that will be €9000 by April if Brexit goes through…

  9. Shayna

    I mentioned that story about Lady Diana – the nice English are welcome. I gave her some 20ps for her meter on Kensington Church Street? I pretended I didn’t know who she was. She only had paper money – I told her, I’d see her next time.

  10. SOQ

    In fairness, Cork will have some fierce competition to be Ireland’s most royal friendly city after Brexit. Being relegated to the third most important would be hard enough like.

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