This afternoon.

Spar, Ballybough, Dublin 1

Georgina writes:

The sweet jar contains donations for a local 93-year-old lady who last week was robbed of her Xmas rent money.

The shopkeeper told us she is loved and known by everybody in the area as a seamstress, with people always knocking at her door for alterations.

Two men pretending to be there to clean gutters took her double Xmas rent money she had just collected & some extra cash….

Georgina Hickey/Rollingnews

11 thoughts on “A Sweet Jar

    1. Its all relative

      Unfortunately this is true Spagetti Hoop. I’ll let you have a go at guessing who the scammers are…

    2. Formerly known as

      I don’t know about this story but my Great-Aunt was living in Marino, not far away from there. She was in her 90’s, living on her own. She had a few instances of people knocking on the door, getting told a story and then being robbed (no violence). So, it is credible.

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