‘The Family Has Returned Home’


This afternoon.

Anna Kavanagh describes the latest developments from Strokestown, County Roscommon and the condition of the retired Garda injured during last week’s eviction.

Anna also reveals that solicitors acting for the family claim there was no “valid court order in place” for the farmhouse’s repossession.

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Cause And Effect

Watch: Drone footage of Roscommon incident aftermath (RTÉ)

Pic via RTE


Mari Maxwell writes:

‘A considerable presence, of Gardai have returned to the property and the family is now awaiting the arrival of a solicitor.’


8pm update:

Anna reads a prepared statement from the family.

9.30pm update:

Anna says there are now “well over 100” neighbours at the house as a ‘mark of solidarity’ to the family.

After midnight update:

Anna interviews Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice who raised the eviction in Strokestown, Co Roscommon, in the Dáil last Wednesday.

1.06am update:

Anna speaks to Jerry O’Boyle, from Mayo, who said he’s been at a number of other evictions and recalled a farmer who took his life after he was threatened with eviction.

Anna, who has been at the home for 12 hours, also says she’s been invited into the house where the eviction took place and is going to sleep there tonight.

She said she’ll report live on Facebook if “anything happens”.

74 thoughts on “‘The Family Has Returned Home’

    1. Joe

      This is genuinely the best thing that has happened in Ireland in years. Not affiliated, educated, own business, family, not in debt…I say this to stop the stereotyping assessments of my motivations before they start.

      To see Irish people band rubber for one of their own is utterly heartening in the face of the utter wrong-uns running this firesale from Leinster house. May they all get gout and die alone. They willfully choose to not fix things that cause suffering. I hope this movement grows, and there’s thousands of us evicting them from the dail soon.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Cian always has FG and its own private security people (Gardai) interests at heart.

        Will Garda Harris explain why the Gardai were acting illegally I wonder.

        Maybe Proper Charlie will make an appearance

        1. rotide

          Could you explain to the class , with citations and references, exactly how the gardai acted illegally?

      2. Cian


        1. I didn’t say this act was legitimate and above board. I didn’t (and don’t) have the information to make such a statement. Nor (I believe) did Owen or Rob make these claims.

        2. We still don’t know the details of this case. We have Anna claiming there was no “valid court order in place” for the farmhouse’s repossession. But this is not confirmed.

        3. What I did say, and stand by, is that if someone doesn’t pay their mortgage they should be evicted. Eviction needs to be in place (as a final resort) to ensure that people pay their mortgages.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            yeah, cian – clear off with your reasoned assessment of things, pi$$ing on our parade of hysteria, hearsay and conjecture


        1. johnny

          No Cian-you have imaginary conservation in the future with AIB,when challenged or asked engage you flee like a coward to another post, but yet have this weird right wing sense of entitlement.

          That it’s my job to educate you on areas that quite frankly you haven’t a clue about.

          Are you suggesting that evictions and payments are correlated, then countries/areas with high eviction rates will have low default rates-that’s what your shrilling about now ?

          Given your fixation on asking me for links/sources where is your evidence for this outlandish right wing FG claim ?

          1. johnny

            This is an amazing initiative by Princeton-its called the Eviction Lab and utilizes big data to map out evictions in US.

            “Today, the majority of poor renting families in America spend over half of their income on housing costs, and eviction is transforming their lives. Yet little is known about the prevalence, causes, and consequences of housing insecurity.

            The Eviction Lab is a team of researchers, students, and website architects who believe that a stable, affordable home is central to human flourishing and economic mobility. Accordingly, understanding the sudden, traumatic loss of home through eviction is foundational to understanding poverty in America.

            Drawing on tens of millions of records, the Eviction Lab at Princeton University has published the first ever dataset of evictions in America, going back to 2000. We hope you’ll join us in using the tools of this website to discover new facts about how eviction is shaping your community, raising awareness and working toward new solutions.”


          2. johnny

            Cian-thats just WRONG-your spreading govt propaganda and fake news daily on here, this is a link to Terry’s letter which I would be delighted to discuss with you.

            The quote you used is not from his paper- where would you like start ?

            “Analyzing mortgage arrears patterns before and after the Dunne judgment in Ireland, I show that borrowers defaulted after the judgment at a higher rate than they otherwise would have. Borrowers who responded by defaulting were more likely to be in negative equity but were also more likely to have missed payments before the judgment, have lower incomes and face higher interest rates.”


            What are your thoughts on the sample size and lack of data available, is negative equity a factor-looking forward to your comments Cian !

            “While borrowers who respond to the new repossession regime are more likely to be in negative equity, they are also more likely to score lower on affordability measures. Table 1 shows the average LTV, income, interest rate and variable-rate share for two groups of borrowers: those who demonstrated little difference in default propensity before and after the judg- ment to those who exhibited the highest esti- mated change in default propensity. Borrowers who defaulted at the highest rate on aver- age over their control group counterparts are more likely to be in negative home equity; they have slightly lower incomes on average; have higher interest rates and a higher proportion of variable rate mortgages.9 Data limitations exclude the possibility of examining differences in employment status and other consumer debts.”

      1. anne

        I thought even Harris didn’t agree with his chums from the north wearing the balaclavas. Did he not say that?

        It’s all the one anyway. They won’t be back. It’s known who they are.

        It’s a pity about the dog in fairness. I’m guessing it wasn’t a Bigon Frise knarling at the end of anyone’s jeans..

    1. Coles

      Cattle are kept in slatted units over the winter months. That is what the shed is for.

      Pretty weak attempt at blackening the names of the family, but fairly typical.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    So the people that assaulted the owners and occupied their premises were protected by the Gardai while doing so, and they weren’t legally allowed to be there. And the people who resisted this illegality and defended the owners property (and removing trespassers) are the butt of another Varadkar ‘statement ‘
    ‘‘Tis ramping up nicely for Vacron

    1. david

      I am banned from this site and have been asked to stop changing my username to comment, but am being very rude and persistent.

      1. scottser

        In fairness ‘pay your effin debts and you wont get evicted’ would be a great title, albeit a mercifully short read.

      2. A Person

        Really? So its okay to not pay your debts? How insightful of you. Lets all not buy a thing, but just take it? Lets not employ anyone, or pay taxes to provide services. Lets all beat up foreigners. Lets all ask the state to pay for everyone. Oops they can’t, because the state has no money as a result of people shirking what they should pay.

        Have you ever considered a book on how the economy should work – I welcome your thoughts.

  2. Ollie

    Property owner with long history of non payment of debts is evicted from 1 of 5 properties he owns..

    1. Ollie

      The only people wearing balaclavas were the vigilates who killed a dog

      Rotide tis you who needs to give facebook a swerve

    1. Martco

      yep indeed

      KBC were the ones earlier in the year badly caught out lying about the extent of their Tracker Mortgage scandal numbers & their overcharging of customers. there’s still a rake of them still waiting to be compensated & a queue of cases into the High Court

      but it’s all ok now because now KBC and their colleagues in the industry have created their new initiative “Irish Banking Culture Board” so they can all reflect & learn together about the correct way to treat customers. I’d assume that means talking about things such as not lying to them and stealing from them, isn’t that nice

  3. Giggidygoo

    The arrival of Garda Harris has coincided with the arrival of the Northern lot carrying out evictions. No coincidence.

      1. Neilo

        @Topsy: If B Specials, their bathchairs would need to have been harnessed to dogs, one of which wouldn’t have made the return journey.

  4. anne

    No he’s not a tax defaulter. He was audited, VAT was reckoned to be underpaid, so he settled with Revenue on an amount, then that amount was doubled with fees and penalties.

    Can you read at all? Do you know what a settlement is no?

      1. anne

        A lien is put on numerous assets for one outstanding debt.. you might as well be shouting, the man has assets, the man has assets.

        Settlement with revenue. Settlement.. jesus.

  5. SOQ

    Best wishes to the family in their own home for Christmas. Pretty sure they will be confident of their tenure until they choose otherwise.


  6. topsy

    In the Virgin 20:00h news bulletin rap up, the newsreader just said that the government “recommended the vigilante action”.

  7. david

    Please stop, david.

    You were banned for repeatedly violating our guidelines. You are no longer welcome to comment on Broadsheet. Your constant changing of username is tiresome and rude. It is a waste of your time and that of our moderators.

  8. Trueblueterry

    These arguments about the security staff are all pointless as the root of the problem is that these people who were evicted were not obeying a Court Order. Had they obeyed it there would have been no need to send in these guys.
    At the end of the day if the Court Order was properly enforced by the Courts then these people would have been locked up for contempt well before the security needed to be involved.
    If we believe in the rule of law then we must respect the Orders that its Courts make.
    Finally the comments about there not being a Court Order are likely false as if you have seen many of these anti-evictions crowds they are always claiming the Order is false for one reason or another and in 99% of the cases they are wrong and just talking through their ….

  9. Elizabeth Mainwaring

    It’s hard to tell the residence has been “trashed” (as my grandchildren say). It looks as bad before as after.

    Where is Roscommon? It looks very muddy.

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