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  1. Shayna

    I know it’s terrible about José, but he walked away with £18 million – last time I was sacked, it was considerably less.

    1. Dub Spot

      It’s football. Who cares unless you’re sitting in a white van in traffic on the M50. Or read TheJournal.ie.

    2. Eoin

      £10m says the FT
      £15m says the Star
      £18m (yes, sterling) say Irish papers
      £24m says Virgin

      Anyone recognise that jammer in all the pics, upholstered with a herd of flawless cattle.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    UN Migration Pact riots in Belgium have lead to the resignation of the Belgian PM… where be the headlines for that? …hmmmm.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Have you tried the Daily Heil or the Torygraph? Failing that, I’m sure Breitbart has an indepth analysis.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        A PM resigning is only fit for right wing papers to report?… or what is your vague point exactly?

      2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Selective reporting because the paper didn’t like the news. If you engage in this editorial policy you are no better than those you mock.

        1. realPolithicks

          Why didn’t you just say that then, instead of throwing in “…hmmmm.” which of course implies some sort of conspiracy is going on.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          It’s all over the news, Clampers

          it’s not on these front pages because it only happened a few hours ago

          1. f_lawless

            thing is though, it’s not actually all over the news..
            I had a look at some outlets- at time of writing, on home pages of the Irish Times: nothing, Independent: nothing; Journal. ie : nothing; Observer: nothing; Guardian: tiny headline in international version only; Telegraph: nothing (they had a small reference on home page last night, now gone)..
            What’s wrong with considering that there’s a conspiracy of silence of some sorts going on? Is it the word “conspiracy” gets people triggered? It doesn’t have to mean shady types meeting up in darkened rooms etc! “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_of_silence_(expression)
            “describes the behavior of a group of people of some size, as large as an entire national group or profession or as small as a group of colleagues, that by unspoken consensus does not mention, discuss, or acknowledge a given subject. The practice may be motivated by positive interest in group solidarity or by such negative impulses as fear of political repercussion or social ostracism. It differs from avoiding a taboo subject in that the term is applied to more limited social and political contexts rather than to an entire culture.”

        3. Jibjob

          It’s Belgium. Two groups of people only loosely working together – at best – in one government. Language differences play a part in the divisions between these two groups. They have been known to go for years without a government administration.

          I am strangely reminded of Northern Ireland.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Another story of abuse by “foster parents” of a child with special needs, despite reports being made many years before. Another FG donor?

  4. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

    May may have great doggedness but she is not smart. Brinkmanship is not what is needed for Brexit. As for Raab, I’d take the clown BoJo ahead of him. I reckon the “let’s do no deal” brigade are similar to the mob before one of the World wars, believing it will be fine when same people can see that it won’t.

    1. Emily Dickinson

      The sympathy that people feel for Mrs May is clouding the fact that her approach to Brexit has been catastrophic. All along she’s been promising one thing to us and the EU, and the exact opposite to the Brexiteers and Unionists. A meaningful Brexit, a soft Irish border and complete alignment between GB and NI is fundamentally undeliverable and at this stage everyone knows it. I think the endgame here is a second referendum, but there’s no leadership in Westminster and with the clock ticking who knows what unintended consequences might unfold.

      1. Eoin

        “Households will be given further instructions on issues such as travel, medicines and banking in the coming weeks” says the Times today, written by British reporters and front page on the Times Ireland (yes, that is significant).

        3,500 troops to be deployed “to cope with disruption at ports and elsewhere”

        “Elsewhere”? You mean the streets of Tottenham, Croydon. Walthamstow. It won’t take much to light that kindling.

      2. Eoin

        The European Commission has published its no-deal papers. Knowing some of the remaining members of the British cabinet, I cannot see a no-deal coming about. I’d give it evens odds that the UK will seek an extension until the end of 2019 to conclude an exit deal.


        “23.Will banks and insurers with headquarters in the UK be able to continue to
        provide services in the EU in case of no deal?
        In case of no deal, entities headquartered in the UK providing banking
        services will no longer be allowed to provide services in the EU on the basis of
        their current authorisations.
        Similarly, in case of no deal, UK insurance undertakings will no longer be
        allowed to provide services in the EU, including through online sales, on the
        basis of their current authorisations.”

  5. Eoin

    The Anglo junior bondholders who are at this stage, the vulturiest of the vultures are to get 100% of the face value of their unsecured unguaranteed investments, which many will have bought for less than 50c in the euro. And the Irish taxpayer which bailed out the bank (with Irish Nationwide) to the tune of €35 billion?

    Thank you Michael Noonan who cut deals which the Department of Finance still won’t disclose and well done Paschal Donohue for this latest outrage.

    1. ollie

      Only One comment on an additional almost 300 million loss ot the Irish Taxpayer that does not have to be paid.

  6. Eoin

    Does anyone get the impression Irish Ferries is angling for some state funding after they announced yesterday the cancellation of their Rosslare (Wexford) to France sailing. It’s absolutely baffling. The State has upgraded the roads to the port in Rosslare to facilitate cross-channel traffic. Brexit is coming. Irish goods exports and imports with Europe are rocketing while trade with Britain is down 10% this year.

    Hope that analysis isn’t correct, not a good luck when any business tries to extort the country.

    1. Tinytim

      Maybe not; I’ve heard that Rosslare is not deep enough for their newest boat.
      The sailing from Dublin still fits nicely in a 24 hr schedule for them & if you are coming from Dublin the total time difference is not significant. Much of the remaining traffic seemed to come from/ go to Cork and the southwest. The new Santander ferry to Cork this year may have taken a chunk of that.
      Absolutely it is a shame to lose another thing to Dublin, but that is happening in most employment it seems.

    2. Martco

      Irish Ferries are a disaster so nothing surprises me about them atall
      betcha they’re in big troubl€ over the new fancy boat

    3. Mickey Twopints

      Stena still operate that route, don’t they? There’s also the Cork-Roscoff and Cork-Santander services with Brittany ferries.

      It seems like a strange move alright.

    1. Eoin

      Thanks Johnny, at least you getting your info from a reputable news source.

      In Ireland, they’re now saying that sadly Digicel will miss its debt reduction target for March 2019. It also says it’s making slow progress in selling “unwanted assets”. “unwanted”! It now appears as of Digicel got just US$84m for the sale of 451 towers in Jamaica in October, down from US$90m reported in the Indo at the time.

      What did the 95% of 2020 bondholders get in return for their pushing the debt out? Seems they’re now #1 in the queue if Digicel goes to the wall. They must have had a lousy position before.

      Has Denis O’Brien now committed not to squirrel away dividends and inter company “fees”?

      Somehow, I’d prefer to be one of the 5% that didn’t take up the offer…..

      Digicel bonds still on the floor near record lows.

      1. johnny

        Treasury statement-below.

        Digi-posted a few extracts yesterday from Moodys recent analysis on Digicel,which were decent-waiting for Fridays deadline on outstanding or proposed bond swap/exchange before doing a deep dive.

        Hopefully, will put something up under sat/sun papers-yes noticed NO dividends to DOB which had been proposed while back, the no FEES to afflicted companies will hurt-will they clip his wings further,he has been recouping a substantial amount flying costs on his swanky new jet !

        Here he is last night in NY :)


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