This afternoon.

Kevin Street Garda Station, Dublin

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and The Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan launching  ‘Policing Service for the Future’, a “four-year high-level implementation plan” which includes a new oversight body do away with the Policing Authority and the Garda Inspectorate.

Earlier: ‘A New Strategic Threat Analysis Centre’


Stop that.


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28 thoughts on “Light Blue

  1. RuilleBuille

    Drew says the Gardai wouldn’t watch a crime being committed and do nothing.

    Well that is exactly what the Gardai did as they watched an man beaten to the ground feet away from them. Then when the UVF thugs get a taste of their own medicine a major investigation is underway.

    1. Praetorian.

      Nancy Drew needs to see the video…the one every one else has seen,not the one his handlers showed him.

    2. Scundered

      Please direct us to a source showing their UVF connection? So far it seems to be a rumour just to take the heat off the lynch mob. I can’t believe there are people so gullible to think the UVF would be working in border counties, it’s beyond hilarious.

      1. jusayinlike

        Your unbelievable, the ring leader Rambo was outed as a loyalist..

        Try taking your head out of the sand for a change..

        1. Scundered

          How do you come to that conclusion? Do you not believe in seeing evidence before making wild accusations?

          1. Scundered

            The Relatives for justice link? if you’re trying to connect that to the individuals we’re talking about, what evidence have you connecting the men in question? You’ll be charging them with bloody Sunday next.

  2. SOQ

    ‘Policing Service for the Future’ doesn’t look great when you protect the dregs of NI society while they hammer around in vans so illegal they are downright dangerous or, commit GBH while evicting people out of their homes now does it Drew?

    That said, I do not believe for one second that he had anything to do with instigating the above. More that there are subversive people within. His background means he will be the most scrutinised commissioner ever. Isn’t that what people were demanding two years ago? Accountability?

    PSNI is not a bad standard to aspire to I reckon.

      1. Ron

        the bit where it says about being in the Ulster Defence Regiment. If you don’t know the history of this regiment look it up on Wikipedia and educate yourself.

          1. realPolithicks

            You clearly know nothing aout the udr if you can describe them as simply part of the british army. I suggest you try reading some history.

  3. Scundered


    Do you have some info to provide as to his connection with atrocities involving the UDR or are you just a bit desperate for blood?

      1. Scundered

        And where is the guys name in that link? What did he do in the UDR exactly that was considered an atrocity? You still have zero evidence you idiot.

        1. Ron

          Scundered sit down. Your embarrassing yourself again. Your just suffering from a case of monkey see monkey do. Stop watching the monkeys in Leinster House and stop trying to act like them you inept twat.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    If those pictures portray an accurate depiction of the relationship between the Min for Justice and the Garda Commisioner then keep the popcorn ready for the next garda scandal. Neither gentleman has impressed me so far with their approach to their roles, disappointing considering the importance of both those positions, considering the recent and not so recent history , and considering that they need to work closely together if they actually want to bring about badly needed reform.

  5. Truth in the News

    In the light of Judge Treacy’s Glenane judgement a time has come that the
    newly appointed head of the Gardai is asked some very searching questions
    in particular in relation to collusion in the north, indeed were those that made
    the appointment aware of his full CV….it appears not
    A number of incidents have occurred with policing with the Gardai since he
    was appointed which can not be ignored, the appointment was made to
    to appease the Unionists north of the border that there was a place for them
    in the corridors of power in a united Ireland….it was really a political stroke
    In respect of to-days proposals what will they really change,,,,nothing

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