25 thoughts on “Dear Theresa

      1. dylad

        Also they have the BBC, which beats netflix hands-down. The Bridge only had one good season (the second).

    1. Medium Sized C

      And also that a huge amount of them have perfectly servicable alternatives from outside the EU or inside Britain.
      Or that she will be acutely aware of these products, given the less reported but very much contentious issue of Geographical indications after Brexit.

  1. Eoin

    There’s a subtle cruelty to that letter, like the plans to breed more man-eating sharks in the Irish Sea to deal with the flood of British refugees in their makeshift rafts.

    1. Neilo

      @Andrew: and no discernible trace of funny in his bones. That said, his stationery supports an excellent endeavour.

  2. scottser

    10 Downing St,
    London SW1A 2AA,

    i mean, if you’re going to bother you should at least get the address right

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      London, England, UK? I’m not sure but I’m going to correct you anyway as I like giving out.

        1. The Old Boy

          Officially, Royal Mail no longer uses districts of towns and cities in its master address file, so the address is 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA. Likewise, post from abroad should be addressed to the United Kingdom rather than any of the constituent nations.

          1. Neilo

            @AlecReborn: I still like to use its constituent nations in correspondence but I’ve always been infra dig that way.

          2. Cian


            An address on a letter is there to uniquely identify a particular postbox for the post office to deliver. Full addresses and postcode just help when there are similar-sounding locations.

            “10 Downing Street, London” is probably unique-enough for a letter to be properly delivered if send from most places in Europe.

          3. The Old Boy

            Of course, the Royal Mail has long prided itself on its flexible address policy and senders are under no obligation to use the address exactly as it is given in the master address file. Optional information like the old district or county is allowed provided the sender includes the street number and name, post town and postcode.

          4. Neilo

            In fairness, Old Boy, I still pine for Westmoreland and Cumberland. Rutland is only a sticking plaster on my wounded soul.

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Ah yeah. I’m definitely in the mood to fight with google. I’m thinking a kick up the arse followed by running away very quickly.

    1. Neilo

      @TheOldBoy: 70g bags of Mr Porky back in Aldi. Also picked up a couple of bottles of Munn as a Christmas gift. Also? I sign off on everything you’ve said above

  3. Murtles

    Brexit or not at least I got a bit of good news on the financial front today. The wee lad I was sponsoring in Africa was eaten by a Lion. Disposable income boosted by €10 per month now.

  4. baz


    that Waterford crystal glass you reference is manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    If you are going to be a willie, be a proper willie.

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