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  1. Slightly Bemused

    Have the couple been charged officially ? If not, I worry that both their names and pictures are being presented as if they are guilty. A few weeks ago here there was a good discussion on how this kind of media activity could undermine a trial. This could be even more important in this case.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Couple have been released without charge and are not considered suspects. Several papers are getting a big fat lawsuit for Christmas! Who’s the “morons” now?

    2. gerry

      They were released without charge and police do not believe they were involved at all. I hope they sue the Daily Mail for calling them morons.

  2. Catherine costelloe

    “There is one system of Justice in this country and it operates through our courts” says Jim o Callaghan. But Jim, the system didn’t work for tragic Shane o Farrell and we all saw what happened to Maurice Mc Cabe .That “system” of Justice is crocked.

    1. curmudgeon

      Jim O Callaghan TD (Fiannna Fáil) is a senior counsel (barrister) that works for and has represented Denis O Brien and his various companies in court. The best justice you can buy…

  3. SoLo

    Homeless crisis and the Taoiseach stars in a fluff piece in ‘Living’ about where he’ll spend his Christmas? That’s just bad taste…

    1. Eoin

      “The latest row began when Ms Ní Bheoláin objected to Six One News presenter Caitríona Perry co-anchoring the nine o’clock news from Westminster, on the night of the crucial Westminster vote.”

      “The popular news presenter and the head of news and current affairs Jon Williams had a blazing newsroom row on the night of the crucial no-confidence vote in Theresa May.

      Ms Ní Bheoláin was ‘stood down’ and left the RTÉ studios after threatening not to present the nine o’clock news, hours before she was due on air, sources have said.” reports the Mail on Sunday with a seemingly last minute steal by the Indo.

      Fair play to Sharon, she’s the epitome of what makes a good newsreader: she doesn’t distract you from the material she’s imparting. You can’t say the same about the person that RTE’s news boss, Jon Williams was trying to foist on her as a co-anchor. Ms Perry was originally an entertainment reporter wasn’t she, unbelievably she was given the job of reporting that awful rape/murder of a co Louth woman in Australia and it was cringeworthy, she was then promoted to US correspondent where she was terrible, she published a book on Trump which was the pits and then she was promoted to co-anchor the Six One news. Her voice isn’t suitable for news presenting, it’s just too high pitched and distracts from the material being imparted.

      It’s bad enough being told you’re no longer solely anchoring the Nine O’Clock news a couple of hours beforehand but to be co-anchoring with Perry? Sharon should have decked Williams, not just stormed off.

      1. Giggidygoo

        Watching the SixOne news closely, I get the distinct feeling that all is not well between the two ladies. Having to alternate locations from right to left. Perry isn’t of newscaster standard in my opinion.
        And while I’m on the subject of news. Various correspondents join the presenters to summaries news that could be by actually read by the presenters. What’s the point?

      1. Lilly

        If I were to nominate one of them for an award, my choice would be Orla O’Donnell reporting from the courts. Absolutely brilliant. She can take the most convoluted case, and parse it succinctly. She also seems like a decent person – as in, not a preening pain in the bum – though I’ve never met her.

  4. Eoin

    I smell something fishy about the Sunday Times leading story which features a confidential briefing from a source in the group which gave the KBC security men a wee drubbing up in Roscommon last Sunday. In fact, there’s little that isn’t fishy about this story.

    The person is unidentified, okay, that happens.
    There’s no corroboration, that’s unusual.
    Remember this person is being sought by the Gardai, but yet, they go to the Dublin media, okay, maybe, but last, week locals in Roscommon told the Dublin media to fupp off back up to Dublin and to stop smearing the local family.
    This person says the group last Sunday was 70 strong, while that was the original report, both the Irish Times and RTE have subsequently referred to 20, so that’s odd.
    This person claims the group is targeting the “banks and the receivers”, okay, that makes sense, but why not the group which will initially harass them, the solicitors? There’s two law firms, one in Stephen’s Green and one on the Quays, which are creaming it through this work, not to mention a hitherto low profile firm in Tallaght, why wouldn’t you target them? It’s a mystery but isn’t it a year since a Sunday Times journo Mark Tighe received some Law Library award?

    In my opinion, the story is fishy.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      The economics on this farm seizure is very poor. How long were security to stay in situ for eg and at what cost? 10,000 a week? 40,000 a month? Sure no-one in the area would bid for this farm and an outsider would be shunned. Much better to negotiate than putting these vulnerable people out at the side of the road. And guess who housed them , in a distressed state after they turfed out? A garda!

      1. SOQ


        In rural Ireland, evicting someone results in an asset depreciating to nothing over night. And how long were these goons supposed to remain there? Of course your man identifying himself as British was like a red rag to a bull. They’ll find it near impossible to find security companies to do this work now.

  5. Eoin

    Prossies at the K-Club operating out of the upmarket homes at the resort? A nasty encounter in the toilet where a threat from Michael Smurfit was passed on?

    It’s a ripping yarn, but alas, the High Court has ruled it was just a yarn and not true. It’s still a riveting read, in this judgement handed down in the High Court a week ago.


    The employee whose allegations weren’t upheld now faces a €500,000 legal bill.

  6. anne


    Sounds like more trouble brewing at RTE.
    Would you give a fiddlers like? Take the money n run is my attitude to work.. fupp the rest of it.

    “losing face with viewers” lol I doubt that very much. If you were being shipped here there & everywhere for a story would your pay increase? Hardly. It’s like let the other one do the donkey work. They all seem a bit entitled at RTE..

    1. Lilly

      Can’t view it as there’s a sign in required but, yes, it sounds as if they all take themselves a bit seriously. Viewers hardly notice who’s delivering the news, let alone care.

      1. Lilly

        Having said that, RTE might be one of those organisations where, if you don’t nip the slightest excursion into your role in the bud, you’ll end up like Martina Fitzgerald.

  7. Ron

    did ya ever see much muck like the headline on the front of the Sunday Independent.. These chancers actually call themselves ‘journalists’. They couldn’t string a word together with alphabet soup, never mind engage in meaningful and truthful journalism. Imagine that headline being the sum total of your weeks work. Embarassing doesn’t even cut it. I’ve seen better journalism on the Lad bible website then I do here. Pathetic lol

  8. Ron

    Where did the boo boos in Leinster House land on the outrage when it was comes to discovered the taxpayer are to fund Callinans legal costs? Have they hoped that’s gone away?

    The electorate are coming for Vacron.. tick tock tick tock

  9. Ron

    Coveney announces further €2 million of government funding for Palestinian people”

    Tick tock tick tock… time is running out for these boo boo bags

  10. Ron

    The crowds are starting to gather in Roscommon protesting against this sham of a Government..

    Roscommon will become known as the event that changed everything in terms of direct action..

    Tick tock tick tock.. Vacron is rattled..

  11. Martco

    that couple plastered all over the English papers have just been released and declared completely innocent

    1. Ron

      These people that call themselves ‘Journalists’ and destroy people’s lives like they did with this couple are legitimate targets for a taste of their own medicine. The skeletons in their closet…. tick tock tick tock

  12. Dub Spot

    Wonder if Olle got his Red Cross parcel yet? If he/she thinks this Brexit Xmas is tough, give the UK 12 months of Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake Disaster Weightloss Haircut Bullsh1t Johnson ….

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