The Garda division of Cavan/ Monaghan recorded a detection rate of 19.11 per 1,000 of the population for both drugs and alcohol

In Cavan it seems people think
It’s okay to drive when you drink
But this strange disorder
That thrives near the border
Can’t be met with a nod and a wink

John Moynes

Pic: Northern Sound

5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Eoin

    Remember that time the Gardai were exposed for recording 2 million falsified breath tests? Remember that time the Garda crime statistics were so rotten that the country’s statistics agency refused to publish them, and then only started publishing them “under reservation”? Remember that time the Gardai had 14,700 citizens convicted in court of driving offences without a notice being issued beforehand? Remember that time the Gardai were accused of not being able to count the 70-90 annual murders in the State correctly? Remember that time a (second, because the first one was a whitewash) Garda internal investigation found Gardai were routinely messing about with their IT system to delete traffic offenses? Remember that time the Gardai did their level best to destroy a conscientious sergeant who exposed serious malpractice in the organisation?

    No? Then, you’ll be amazed at the crime detection rates promoted by the Indo today!

    1. SOQ

      And it continues. Speed cops sitting on Motorways where no accidents occur issuing penalty points and fines because they are just too lazy to be bothered checking traffic near black spots.

      And then there is the accident reports they submit. In some cases, a six year old with a crayon would do better. We all use phones which are accurate to about 2 meters but apparently, using this sort of technology would require ‘upskilling’.

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