10 thoughts on “Head Banging

  1. Spud

    In fairness, the pillow is at the other end of the bed in the other pics.

    However, check the ad to see the size of the place.
    Even no room for a crying chair!!

  2. kellMA

    Back in the day, I shared a room in a basement flat in Ranelagh and my bed was under the gas boiler. So my head was directly under it. Sounds legit huh?

  3. Paulus

    Well you’re unlikely to forget to wash your hands after using the loo,
    In fact if you’re really flexible, you could do both at the same time?

  4. Starina

    reminds me of some of the flats i saw when I was in college (esp around drumcondra). bet there’s an ironing burn in a carpet somewhere

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