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        Ha! Ha! Ha! Cool comment Dhaughton99, you sound like my kinda guy, where do you live? I’d like to hang out.

        1. Eoin

          That’s technically true, but it’s so tiny in the context of the €180 million that RTE gets as to be immaterial and, IMO misleading.
          The BAI gets a tiny proportion of all licence fees collected and it allocates funding to individual programmes from any broadcaster including Virgin. I think the biggest allocation ever to TV3 was for €550,000 for Red Rock and that covered countless episodes. If Virgin gets €1 million a year, that would probably be the upper limit,

          1. rotide

            So let me get this straight. 1 million a year is ‘ immaterial and misleading.’ but somehow a quarter of this amount a year is a national disgrace when it goes to Miriam?

            You’re such a hypocrit

      1. SOQ

        My dentist was wearing one of those this morning, swear to God. He normally tones it down during work hours…

    1. Starina

      All of them look ghastly (that pink Barbie disaster?!) but that purple-and-leather-ruffles ensemble is a particular crime.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Well, except that he changed into his cool white runners as soon as he ran around the corner from the house.

    2. Otis Blue

      I’d say he was dying for the opportunity to road test that look.

      Is that what a midlife crisis looks like?

      1. Dhod

        Jayziz, I just found out it’s a love island contestant. Also, the other blonde lady is Denise van outen. What has she done :(

  1. James M.Chimney

    They’re on the telly now? That’s nice. That pink dress really suits that lady. Big runners with a poloneck? Who’d have thought that would work? The jacket really ties the look together. Red sofa as a brand cue. Great work lads! Maybe back to back episodes of the Chase to really top this delicious confection with a layer of awesome!

  2. Paulus

    That Glenda (?) one falls into the same category as Sarah Jessica Parker.
    (Male readers won’t need this explained to them!).

  3. bisted

    …used to love #vinb and kept watching Cooper+theBookie out of habit…finally gave up when they had wall-to-wall fascists shouting at eachother and Anton Savage seemed like the most reasonable person on the panel…

        1. Eoin

          Me too, just tuned in to see a senior government minister Richard Bruton on.

          During #vinb time, FG ministers never appeared on the prog.

          I would watch Richard Bruton like a hawk especially for policy measures which confer significant benefits to businesses. He’s the wiliest of politicians and he’s probably on his last term in office.

  4. Andrew

    I’d say Matt Cooper’s wife dresses him.
    He used to be a decent journalist but that was years ago. He’s really lost his way.

    1. Dub Spot

      You know what they say about men with big feet (they need big runners). Bizarre.

      George Hook looks well in the pink dress. The Gammon shade of Millennial Pink does wonders with his complexion.

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