Last night.

Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly tweetz:

Up to 10c tomorrow and that could be the last time we see temperatures in double digits for a good while. Trending cooler from Wednesday as we finally start to see some proper winter weather!


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21 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. Clampers Outside

    I’ve a raised garden to dig out… 1m depth X 6m X 5m….
    Less than half way through and I’ve already filled 10 X 1m cubed bags! Soil expands when dug out… :(

    Just so long as the rain holds off :/

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Going at it by hand. We live in a terrace with no back entrance and wouldn’t get a digger ok no through the house as is.
        A spade, a shovel, a fork, and I’m now the proud owner of my first pickaxe :)

        I’ve been lucky so far that there’s not a lot of rock in it.
        Two quotes to dig it out and put patio down were €7.5k to €10k. They reckoned about 12 skips worth. They also gave quotes with contingency included as they didn’t know whether they’d hit rock or not digging down a metre.
        So, I’m digging it out myself.
        We reckon, approx. 27 to 30 bags of soil to be dug out.
        About 7 to 9 reused as top soil and raise the remaining garden about 6″s.
        The other 20+ bags worth will have to be wheel barrowed through the house.
        To keep the mess to a minimum time, we’ll wheel it through at the end of the job. I’ve a couple of lads to help me at that point.
        I did the ten bags to date over 9 days, having taken day 2 off to see how I felt… was my back OK? Was badly fatigued? Thankfully I was good, and I’ve kept it to a bag or bag and a half a day.
        Good news is, I only got the pickaxe yesterday, and it makes a big difference – was using just a fork before that.
        That said, a pickaxe can take the energy out of you too, big time, if you swing to hard. Thankfully, I don’t need to much as it’s a 7lb head which carries enough thump in a small swing / drop.

        All going well, I should be in a position to move the soil through the house in two weeks+.
        Then we go back and get a fresh quote. Should be, I believe, half of the original quotes…. as both quotes said the labour and shifting the soil was a big expense. Fingers crossed ! :)

        1. Rob_G

          Some man for one man.

          You are in waterford, no? – if you put the soil up on donedeal, a farmer might take it away for free.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Aye, we hope someone may take some of it away for free.
            Have been bagging it, “good soil”, the top foot or so, and “bad soil”, the orangey sandy stuff underneath that.

          2. millie st murderlark

            My neighbour got soil on donedeal and was chuffed with herself. She loves her garden and has a fab veg and herb patch in her back garden.

            How she managed that is beyond me.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’d postpone all that till Paddy’s Day weekend, Clamps when there’s a spring in one’s step.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I’ve started, and I’m gonna keep at it. Been very lucky with the soil, and rock content to date, so if all goes well, two more weeks.

        That said, there’s a footpath; a boiler house foundation; and small wall just outside the back door that I’ll have to use a kango on.
        Plan for that rubble is to reuse it as a base foundation for a second space up the back of the garden…so won’t have to wheel that through the house.
        That should take an additional week though… :/

  2. Eoin

    Why is Carlow Weather guy using a French website for weather forecasts? Aren’t the boys and girls at Met Eireann any use?

    1. johnny

      -they useless too,completely rubbish, everything and everyone in Ireland is-he clearly states that Met Éireann does NOT provide long rang forecasts but utilizes them when appropirate on his feed !
      -any excuse no matter how trivial to trash Ireland and all things Irish…
      -do you think “Bomber” is a MI5 agent as has been long rumored in the Irish underworld,did they lift him to protect him, looks like the Hutch/Provo crew have a new and very effective active service unit in place after the Fowler job:)

        1. johnny

          As always thanks for your punctuation and contribution daddy……
          Why don’t your try again daddy,this time perhaps you can string a sentence together.

      1. Rep

        I’ve noticed that once you disagree with someone in a different thread, you tend to follow them around abusing them. Totally normal behaviour.

          1. Rep

            Never changed my name here that I can recall but by all means, please continue to try and be weird and creepy

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