A Leave campaigner outside the UK’s House of Commons yesterday

This morning

“It is up to the British authorities today or tomorrow to assess the outcome of this vote and up to the British government to indicate how we are going to take things forward on March 29 to an orderly withdrawal…”

Now, with this standstill, until we have found a way forward which will see a full majority we won’t be able to move forward, so this is why the future steps must be indicated very clearly … by the British government.”

Michel Barnier EU’s chief Brexit negotiator


Brexit at a ‘standstill’ after May’s Commons defeat, says Barnier (The Guardian)

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14 thoughts on “Standstill

  1. SOQ

    Neck like a jockeys backside. By him going back is he implying that he thinks Britain is going to remain in europe?

  2. Rob_G

    He’s a knob, but really is the most entertaining person in politics on either side of the Atlantic – he’s like a pantomime villain.

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    why’s anyone asking Farage anything? He bolted once the vote results came out. That should remove him from play altogether, he shouldn’t still be allowed do what he wants, which is to criticise from the sidelines without having to do anything. Even leave voters should be ignoring him, he’s shown himself to be extremely weak by pushing for leave then bolting once it came thru and not wanting to do any work. same with Boris Johnson, both should be completely ignored, for many reasons, but for their cowardice alone.

    1. rotide

      This is word for word how I see Johnson.

      I can’t understand why anyone gives him any attention whatsoever after he not once, but twice ran for the hills with no regard to the people of the UK

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        well the media will always keep someone like him in the spotlight, because he has controversial opinions, is a cartoon character, and winds people up. same way the media here are doing their absolute best to make Peter Casey a thing. Like no one gives a fupp about him, not even people who voted for him, theyre all happy to move on, but the media saw how angry he made people so now he’s in the irish independent voicing his opinion almost daily. I think this practise is the only thing keeping Johnson around.

  4. Pee Pee

    “The most unwelcome comeback since Jimi Hendrix’s vomit” Mark Lamarr describing Peter Andre’s return to pop music. The same could be said for Farage’s return to European politics.

  5. Friscondo

    The tragedy for Ireland is that as a result of the disaster of partition, we are “shackled to a corpse,” as was said of Germany and its alliance with the rotting Habsburg Empire in WW1. We are the victims of a deluded English nationalism unleashed in the shambolic Tory party.

  6. bisted

    …the democratic deficit on this site is breathtaking…like it or not, Nigel Farage is an elected member of the European Parliament…unlike political appointees such as Phil Hogan…

      1. bisted

        …from a democratically elected point-of-view, nobody is better qualified to speak on European Affairs in the UK than Farage…his party, UKIP, outpolled the tories and labour and he had a personal vote of over 3/4million…electoral mandates and democratic decisions seem to be ignored on this site and there is a constant lobby to silence people…

        1. SOQ

          But he is no longer a member of UKIP?

          By the sounds of that short quote, the man who stirred Brexit to the point of a constitutional crisis has already moved on and is now out of the EU campaign hatch.

          Says it all really.

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