Backstop That


Boris Johnson

This morning,

During his speech, Mr [Boris] Johnson {former British Foreign Secretary] said the answer was to “get back in the cab, turn around and face the real obstacles”.

He said Mrs [Theresa] May’s main concern should be to have the backstop on the island of Ireland removed and to use the transition period to come up with a new trade deal.

He added: “She can go back to Brussels, and she should go back to Brussels and say that the British House of Commons doesn’t accept the democratic consequences of the arrangement you have imposed in the form of the backstop. It’s got to come out.”

Boris Johnson: Abandoning Article 50 would be ‘pathetic’ (Sky)

Yesterday: Perfidious Albion, Duplicitous Hibernia


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19 thoughts on “Backstop That

  1. Frank Lee O’Bese

    Ironic — given the only briefs this cretin mastered were dropping his own and then sticking it in wherever he could.

    1. rotide


      I can’t understand why he isn’t innundated with “Well, why didn’t you do something about this when you had the chance to”, every time he opens his mouth

  2. Eoin

    The FT reports today that with 70 days to go until Brexit, the UK hasn’t negotiated a single trade agreement to replace the 40 trade agreements the EU has with third countries. The UK is apparently close to an agreement with Switzerland but that’s it.

    “Believe me, we’ll have up to 40 ready for one second after midnight in March 2019” said the UK’s then- and current foreign trade minister Liam Fox in 2017 when the UK submitted its notice to leave the EU.

      1. Eoin

        Close! I caught the end of Boris Johnson’s speech this morning and he literally said that on 29 March there would be no shortage of Mars bars and ….. potable water.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s shocking. I thought Jeremy Hunt’s recent visits to Singapore and China and Thresa’s recent pow-pow with Japan were all about trade deals.

  3. Martco

    yea yea yea whatever you clown

    but I’ve many friends & work contacts over yonder who despite being smart well educated, not all remainer’s, tolerate this tool…cos he’s funny & different & quirky etc. eh no, he’s just a dangerous looper.

    1. Giggidygoo

      It’s a ‘proposed backstop’. In case you don’t actually get the difference between a proposal and a reality, If I say ‘I propose to buy out Facebook’ are you saying that I have bought it?

      A ‘proposal’ of a backstop exists. A backstop doesn’t exist.

      Will the boy Leo be hiring another podium shortly to tell us that his ‘cast iron’, ‘politically bulletproof’ agreement is actually a Papier-mâché politically single glazed web of lies? Looks like it.

  4. SOQ

    I think it is all an act. The penny dropped when I found out his father and brother politician were both remainers.

    It’s a form of trolling, in this case to just ignore the now published legal advice about the GFA.

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