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  1. Ron

    Britain is looking to do a deal now over the backstop with the full backing of the German Government… Watch Coveney introduce language over the next days that waters down what Varadkar had to say previously.

    His strong Indian heritage always meant he was the backstop growing up. I’m sure he always felt conflicted as an Irish man listening to his Indian father talk of extreme poverty in the homeland. His father talked about the poverty. His father talked about how his people are so poor they wipe the faeces of their hand. He rightfully feels angry over that. He most likely looks and says ‘only 10,000’ in this country? There are thousands suffering from that in my Fathers homeland. 10,000 homeless is very normal to Varadkar.

    1. Friscondo

      The incoherent, lunatic, ravings one expects from an extraordinarily ignorant fool at 04:26 on a Sunday morning. Sorry now, you’ve sobered up Ron? Idiot.

      1. Catherine costelloe

        Both Leo’s parents left their homeland for opportunity to train in their professions in the UK. And after qualifying settled in Dublin.

        1. George

          And it is really cheap for a non-EU student to become a Doctor in the UK… Think for God’s sake

          1. jusayinlike

            Poor little Nigel. Still frothing at the mouth I see. Good to know I still own your thoughts.

    2. SOQ

      WTF? I would be as big a critic of Leo’s as the next man but making such derogatory remarks about someone’s ethnicity is completely out of order.


      1. Johnny

        oh get off your high horse your no stranger to late nite drunken posts,under different pseudonyms complete with gay porn links.
        -anyone seen ‘Dave’s Carer’ lately…..

        1. SOQ

          I only ever posted one link to a porn site and that was to a Boiler Room dance club event because it contained nudity and there was nowhere else they could stick it.

          Now how about you have an opinion of your own rather than cat swiping at others? You being in NYC, Las Vegas, Colorado, Mars, veganist, hydroponic cannabis civil engineer, ex house DJ etc etc.

  2. Giggidygoo

    Children’s Hospital – €1.7bn or, €1700,000,000. Seventeen hundred million euro. More Bam for our money?
    And James Brown out with another childish, part-informed statement about Rosslare. (Obviously trying to find a hobby horse to fight Darcy’s Insurance hobby horse.
    Have a read James. http://www.dttas.ie/sites/default/files/foi-decisions/2017foi214-combined-redacted.pdf and come back with something more intelligent as regards the future os Rosslare.

    1. Eoin

      If you believe the Sindo today, which is quoting a FF “source”

      “Fianna Fail will not be running candidates in May’s Northern Ireland local elections.”

      And so, FF betrays its own very modest commitment from more than a half decade ago to run candidates in Northern Ireland elections from 2019. “FF, the Republican Party”? Maybe in the US political party sense. No wonder Eamon O’Cuiv and Mark Daly had to take matters into their own hands and launch their own FF candidate for the North’s local elections. Micheal Martin is a snivelling concoction of gombeen instincts who can only smirk at Republican principles.

      The Sindo also claims there isn’t to be a merger between FF and SDLP, merely a set of shared principles.

  3. SOQ

    A few Brexit twitter quotes:

    No Deal = abruptly severing 45 years of deep economic and legal integration on the same day as feeding 750 other international agreements into the shredder.

    Leave is an elitist plot presented as a people’s movement. Remain is a people’s movement presented as an elitist plot.

    Theresa May – The kind of negotiator who comes out of DFS with a full price sofa.

    I think I’ll have a Brexit lunch; I have no idea what I am getting.

    The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class-

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Cheers @SOQ

      That NY Times article and associated comments are worth reading.

      I am reposting one comment here:

      Excellent editorial. I teach in the UK each year at our university’s campus there. One year, two colleagues and I, rather than teaching, spent several weeks in England working on course development (new venues in which to take our students). Both of them were mildly pro-Brexit and their sentiment was essentially that: “Britain just wasn’t the same anymore with all these new immigrants”. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and pointed out that the British were the biggest hypocrites on the planet. For decades the British empire subjugated huge populations on every continent, pillaged and looted their resources, treated indigenous peoples like servants and lesser beings etc. but now, – in an act of grotesque hypocrisy, they are freaking out because people with dark skin and/or funny accents want to live in the UK. What has surprised me most in the whole Brexit controversy is that I’ve yet to read an opinion piece that pointed this out. The sad thing is, that this isn’t just ruling class hypocrisy but this historical amnesia it seems to have taken root at all levels of UK society.

      1. SOQ

        You’re welcome @.

        I think this piece is quite helpful in understanding the mindset behind Brexit. Yes people (misguidedly?) voted for it but it has always been a class driven top down movement. It also joins the historical dots on the fact in the main, that the English upper class have a sense of entitlement only matched by their incompetence.

        1. bisted

          …breathtaking arrogance…to suggest that over 17million people are misguided…a clear majority of people in the UK voted for brexit…52:48…it’s called democracy…

          1. SOQ

            52:48 two and a half years ago. If you feel the result will be the same or better this time around then you should have no problem with a rerun surely? That will cement the decision, or, change it.

          2. bisted

            …you and the rest of the remoaners are the only ones who want to subvert the democratic will…call having a second go whatever you want but don’t call it democracy…

          3. SOQ

            Are you Irish? Do you not get the fact that we are, even in ROI, still heavily influenced by British intelligence?

  4. Eoin

    The Daily Mail thinks we’ve forgotten about Debbie McCann, their crime journalist who featured at the Sgt McCabe Disclosures Tribunal and whose evidence conflicted with that of another (ex?) Daily Mail journalist Alison O’Reilly.

    We haven’t. Pages 267-275 of the Charleton report will remind you of all you need to know about Debbie McCann and her employer, their attitude to the truth and the public good.


    Debbie McCann has the front page crime exclusive in the Daily Mail today. To think that 55,000 Irish people will buy that rag today. What next, will Sebastian Hamilton be let back on #Marian.

    1. pedantic

      You’re wrong saying the Mail on Sunday has 55k readers:
      (With thanks to NewsBrands Ireland (comparing January to June 2018 and July to December 2011)
      Irish Mail on Sunday readership 2011 = 122,231
      Jan – June 2018 = 62, 630
      Irish Daily Mail (Daily paper) 2011 = 50,486
      Jan – June 2018 = 31,368

  5. Eoin

    Josepha Madigan, awful minister, awfuller solicitor?

    The Times reports today

    “Josepha Madigan, the minister for culture, heritage and the Gaeltacht, is facing a claim for damages for alleged negligence and breach of duty over her work as a solicitor. Court filings in a case taken by Pepper Finance, which has taken over mortgages formerly owned by Bank of Scotland (Ireland), indicate she is being sued over her former firm’s alleged failure to comply with a solicitor’s undertaking given in February 2008….The case is one of six the minister and her brother are facing in the High Court over alleged failure to comply with solicitors’ undertakings. “

    1. Johnny

      Ulster Bank initiated High court proceedings also this week,joining Bank of Ireland and KBC.Given that pretty much every financial institution in the state has now taken legal action against a Minister,is a statement too much to ask,she manages hundreds of millions on behalf the state.

      Fair assume they involve ‘financial’ transactions,should she still be in charge of this,litigation against a Minister is not something numerous financial instructions take lightly,the evidence must be overwhelming for so many to litigate so aggressively,how much longer can this farce continue ?

      ‘Addressing the Seanad on December 18, Madigan highlighted the “short, technical bill” that had one objective – upping the limit on lolly that can be advanced to Screen Ireland (formerly the Irish Film Board) “from €300m to €500m”.
      To put the “technical bill” in plain-speak, the SI loan book has had to be increased because the agency has now dished out its previous limit of €300m in so-called production and development ‘loans’.


  6. gerry

    The Prince Phillip story is bizarre. He could have killed three people including a baby and he’s back driving already. The woman who had he wrist broken and didn’t got a call from the police instead of an apology or even a card said “I still love him and the Queen. No one can change my views on that.”

    The Brits’ worship of their royal family is bizarre.

    1. Martco

      +1 re. their worship of the royal family

      I’ve never ever gotten my head around it. You’ll even hear it from the desperate & the poor. blah blah but they bring in as much in tourism revenue as is spent on them. I suppose it’s as bizarre as religion or maybe it’s a zoo. dunno.

  7. Martco

    so this out of the blue car bomb was engineered by some crowd called “The New IRA”?

    The New IRA?? is that one of the lads on Hans Gruber’s list?

    meh..something stinks about this scenario

    1. SOQ

      Yup well, there is plenty of those sorts just itching to have a go again and what they are called is irrelevant.

      Good people spent a lot time and effort getting us to this point only to potentially see these clowns give the British establishment an excuse to put the army back on the streets of Ireland. Lets face it, it would make a great media deflection from the no deal Brexiit chaos which in turn would make you wonder who or what is actually controlling them.

      1. Martco

        well @SOQ that’s exactly what I’m wondering – deflection/distraction/narrative enabler?
        all just seems all a bit too convenient, will be interesting to see what follows

    2. Dub Spot

      Stealing their best moves from Coca-Cola and Pepsi- first “Real” and now “New”.

      Next week: Diet IRA – DIRA.

      Securocrat agenda facilitated by the Irish Times and the rest of the Brit media.

  8. pedantic

    You’re wrong saying the Mail on Sunday has 55k readers:
    (With thanks to NewsBrands Ireland (comparing January to June 2018 and July to December 2011)
    Irish Mail on Sunday readership 2011 = 122,231
    Jan – June 2018 = 62, 630
    Irish Daily Mail (Daily paper) 2011 = 50,486
    Jan – June 2018 = 31,368

  9. Eoin

    Denis O’Brien, worth €4.7 billion claims the Sindo, down from €5 billion a year ago.

    Forbes said he was worth €3.6 billion three weeks ago.

    Regardless, and there’s big questions over the value of Digicel, if he’s worth so fupping much, why is the Irish government giving his charity millions?

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