Only In Kilkenny



Ah here.

Jeannie Frampton writes:

Yesterday on the Ormonde Road in the heart of Kilkenny City ….Like to see the mammy who can get a double buggy over that one…Us mammies are clever but not that feckin’ clever….


7 thoughts on “Only In Kilkenny

  1. Johnny Keenan

    That’s on the parade in Kilkenny City. The city with 2 streets.
    If you end up in a subway your not going underground as I said to an American tourist I was guiding around the medieval town.
    When we got to the traffic lights on the parade the green man on the lights started to sound. What’s that the yank enquired? So the blind people know when to go , says I.
    My god, in my country we don’t even let those people drive.
    We ventured on up towards the castle for him to get his bus outside. Next stop Glendalough.
    We came across council workers cementing bricks to the ground.
    In my country he says, we build houses with bricks.

    Only in Kilkenny, indeed

  2. Murtles

    I have a feeling a wider angle picture will show a new crosswalk further up the street (or it will be installed at a later date). That crossing looks in a very precarious place especially if a car comes around the corner then has to slam on brakes as someone is crossing. Either have them on the very corner or in the middle of street with lights.

  3. Ann

    In other news, Kilkenny youths set to sweep the medals table at the Leinster Hurdling Championships in May!

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