15 thoughts on “Clunk Click

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Read a theory once that a section of The Smiths “Panic” was about him….

        “On the Leeds side-streets that you slip down
        Provincial towns you jog ’round
        Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ”

  1. Moon Safari

    Whatever about Hang the DJ, the lyrics to HMHB’s “I Left My Heart In Papworth General” were definitely about Savile:

    “Down at Stoke Mandeville I bumped into Mr IQ
    I said €Hey albino, this is not 1972
    Stub out your King Edward and get that small boy off your knee
    And melt down your rings and things and get yourself off my TV

    Jim could you fix it for me
    To come down and suck out your kidneys?
    I’ve got this young brother, you see
    Who wants to stay alive to watch Bilko”

    That was the mid 80s.

  2. Nullzero

    Clunk click was a 70’s TV show hosted by personal friend to the Royal family sir Jimmy Saville.

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