At Their Stations



This afternoon.

Further scenes from the nationwide 24-hour strike by members of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) at the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise and the Mater, St James’s, The Rotunda and Beaumont hospitals in Dublin.

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13 thoughts on “At Their Stations

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Having been under the care and attention of the nurses (and other staff) of Naas General Hospital on numerous occasions, I can attest to their wonderful care and attention to their patients. Not only professional and the highest of care in the circumstances, but wonderful people too, who sought not just to deal with your illness/injury, but also to chat to, and cheer you up.

    I was also there once when they lost a patient who came in after a major car accident. They did not know the person, but their sense of loss, of failure (which it wasn’t, but they thought it was) was palpable. And seeing a senior nurse offer comfort to the attending doctor was very touching.

    To not support such people, to not give them fair recompense for their work, is unconscionable.

    I stand with them.

    1. Cian

      while all of this is true the important point is this:
      To not support such people, to not give them fair recompense for their work, is unconscionable.

      Are they getting a fair wage?

  2. Rob

    Read their posters. They want an increase in staffing levels, and of course they want an increase in salary.
    Id be all for increasing staffing levels, but not the salary. They entered into the agreements with the rest of the public sector. They knew the scales before the started university.

    1. kellMA

      And is it that the headcount for nurses needs to be increased or is it that the headcount is there but they can’t fill it because would-be nurses are not happy with the pay on offer and are moving out of the country?

      1. Cian

        They could do a two-tier salary agreement – like the teachers have. New entrants could get the 15% increase, but the existing ones stay on the old levels?

  3. Trail Blazer

    Is this the worst supported strike of all time! We all know the good work they do. We all know the stresses and pressure they’re under in their place of employment. What gives. How come it’s not catching any momentum. We dont believe in their strike that’s why. More money for the health system please. We’ve wasted enough on wages over the years.

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