‘The Guy Started Screaming Down The Phone At Her’


9, Berkeley Street, Inns Quay, Dublin 7

In September 2016.

Ellen Coyne and Catherine Sanz, of The Times Ireland edition, went undercover at an ‘abortion advice’ centre on Berkeley Street, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.

The journalists secretly recorded a counsellor at the clinic advising that abortions cause breast cancer and can turn women into child abusers.

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52 thoughts on “‘The Guy Started Screaming Down The Phone At Her’

        1. newsjustin

          Do you not remember the Coombe story a few weeks ago? Where politicians swore blind that a person had an abortion signed off by two doctors, only for the board of the hospital to intervene. That wasn’t true yet it made it to the Dáil chamber.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            And yet they were all over themselves to shove her off to England for them to deal with it.

        2. Rob

          Because people lie on the internet. All the time. Don’t know if this person is, but a bit of skepticism isn’t a bad thing. Still, if it is true, it is very worrying on many levels. Probably mostly on the data breach. The fact that there are horrible people out there is probably less newsworthy, unfortunately.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            This was first posted to a FB group and shared by an admin because members were concerned that a stranger (very effin strange) had her name, address and phone number and wanted to share the info to warn others that someone in Holles St was passing on information to an angry, antichoice nutjob who got abusive when this woman questioned him. https://twitter.com/im_smallfry/status/1090674015872708609

    1. dav

      she would have been assaulted, verbally and possibly physically. These people have shown their hatred of pregnant women before, it’s all about the foetus for them..

  1. Eoin

    Isn’t that the telephone number for the myoptions.website (that’s the name of it) which is giving the impression it’s the govt’s myptions.ie website. Didn’t Johnny post a link to a NY Times article about the website and its premises on Capel Street? If you enter “baby scan” on Google in Ireland, the myoptions.website is the first link returned, so they’re paying for Google Ads. Why hasn’t the HSE had their website shut down?

  2. missred

    What the absolute fupp? Ok there are many layers to this, first the data breach or possible spying, then this sinister creepy shower who have been going for years trying to lure random people into their cult clinic for a scaring. Like something out of the Wicker Man, it doesn’t bear thinking about. Hope she gets some answers

    1. scottser

      also the garda’s response is to simply block the number when there is intimidation and assault involved. that’s just not good enough.

  3. Mike

    This is crazy alarming.
    While I don’t know what exactly happened, it kinda sounds like there is an “mole for ethical reasons” in Holles St that has shared very sensitive info from within the hospital with the people behind the blue door.
    I’m sure there are other possibilities, but all of them are alarming!

    1. newsjustin

      +1 Sounds entirely innapropriate and probably illegal.

      In an entirely separate story, only relevant because of the topic of abortion, a State Governor in the US (Ralph Northam of Virginia) who also happens to be a medical doctor, was on radio recently and explained how a baby, born alive during a third trimester abortion, would be left to die unless the family asked otherwise. That’s infanticide. And that situation is not prohibited under Irish legislation.


      1. Johnny

        He’s not just a “doctor” Northam is a pediatric neurologist,his words were taken out context by religious zealots,Trump supporters and other rosary bead clutching lunatics.

        “I have devoted my life to caring for children, and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting,” he said.

        The president’s remarks came after former U.S. senator Jim DeMint called the bill “vile” and said Northam should abandon it or resign. Fox News, Breitbart and other conservative news outlets posted stories suggesting that the Democrats embraced infanticide. Tran, the bill’s sponsor, suspended her social media accounts after being besieged with threatening messages.“


        1. newsjustin

          “I have devoted my life to caring for children, and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting,” he said………to defend himself against accusations that he supported infanticide after being recorded supporting infanticide.

          1. Johnny

            Yeah the govr’n is looking for a few good irish nuns or priests to help with the disposal of the bodies-if you know anybody send them over-let the killings begin !
            When the other person on here commenting on this is a rape and paedo obsessed manchild,you know your losing….
            This is completely out context and involves a much bigger argument over Roe V Wade,the Republicans losing Virginia to the Dems…
            The same people making these outlandish claims while clutching their bibles,support ripping children from the arms of their mothers at the border-they will burn in hell!

          2. newsjustin

            Johnny, your response, bookended by rambling attempts to avoid what the Governor actually said, is to suggest that the remarks were “taken out of context”.

            Can you please explain the context, aside from the fear that some have that Roe vWade will be overturned and the local political scraps? What context makes it not infanticide to, whilst aborting a pregnancy in the third trimester, having the baby born alive, and watching it struggle to survive until it dies as a host of medical equipment and personnel stand idly by because the baby is unwanted?

          3. johnny

            FFS-i avoid bible thumpers and holier than thou hypocrites,like the people making these outlandish claims and those supporting them,
            “Late-term abortions are permitted in Virginia only when the mother’s life is at grave risk. Tran’s bill would have lifted some restrictions. Instead of requiring three doctors to sign off on the procedure, it would have required only one doctor. It also would have removed language requiring that the danger to the mother be “substantial and irremediable.”
            -link above.
            Its 2019,of all this issues facing the USA this is not one, its a tactic to discredit Democrats and rile up ill educated,bible thumping rednecks,who need stay of out women lives, given the Irish church’s history on children and women rights/issues you go shove your bible up your…..

          4. newsjustin

            You can also view the Virginia lawmaker co-sponsoring the Bill allowing abortion up to birth, Kathy Tran, explain precisely that online. What other context are we missing Johnny?


            You need to stop claiming that “bible-thumpers” and rednecks and Trump make it somehow OK to abort a pregnancy at 39 weeks and watch a baby die because it’s not wanted enough to save it’s life.

          5. Starina

            newsjustin, literally nobody goes through 39 weeks of pregnancy and decides ah fupp it I don’t want it anymore. stop believing everything you read on religious sites.

          6. johnny

            Which part don’t you get-you and your fellow travels have NO right to lecture others-none whatsoever.You lost that right many, many rapes ago, how many irish children do you think were raped,abused and assaulted by the Church in Ireland and it’s followers-how many lives destroyed ?

            Its a non issue made up by the lunatic fringe and given oxygen by people like you,you lost get over it, move on.Why don’t you and the other demonically possessed bible thumpers help the many many survivors of rape by the church.

            As far as I’m concerned that’s decision between a woman and her medical team-its none my business or ‘God’s’.Sure she can just go confession and get forgiven for her sins, isn’t that what all the child molesters and rapists in your church do, and everything will be grand……

          7. newsjustin

            Starina, why would I need anything from religious sites? Why are you even bringing religion into this?

            Just listen to both Tran and Northam explain their Bill. The links are in my comments above.

          8. newsjustin

            Johnny. Firstly, I don’t have fellow travellers, I’m just a guy on the internet like, I assume you are. And I haven’t raped anyone. So let’s knock that on the head.

            “Its a non issue made up by the lunatic fringe and given oxygen by people like you,”

            I don’t agree that abortion is a non issue. I especially don’t agree that late-term abortion is a non issue. And I really don’t agree with you that allowing babies to die after they’ve been born is a non issue.

            Perhaps you wish it was a non issue, that no scrutiny be applied to it. But I don’t agree with you there.

          9. Nigel

            Unless you were actually looking for the chance to accuse someone of advocating infanticide, that sounds to me like the sort of thing you might do following a late intervention involving a fetus that was non-viable or suffering severe abnormalities. I hope it’s incredibly rare, because the suffering for everyone must be terrible, but the parents and physicians are basically in the position of deciding how long to maintain life support for an infant that cannot survive on its own, and may be in great pain. Now, that’s just me operating on the assumption that the politicians, doctors and parents aren’t actually hungry to kill babies, so obviously Breitbart, Fox News et al will happily go there, as for you, you usually have more integrity.

          10. johnny

            Justin I don’t think/believe I have either the moral authority or medical training to really comment on the rights and wrongs of this.
            Personally ,I’m just a weed smoking surfer who just wishes everyone would get along a bit better.
            As far as i’m concerned these decisions are between a woman and her medical team.

          11. newsjustin

            Nigel. I never claimed anyone was hungry to kill babies.

            I simply pointed you to links where a US lawmaker (Tran) explains that her Bill would allow for a late term abortion up to birth (while a woman is in the early stages of giving birth as she explains in the video) and where a Governor of the same state (Northam) explain how a baby would be left to die and given “comfort” care if their parents decided they didn’t want them to live after being born alive.

            The problem is, people are just unwilling to listen to what is actually said. Even when lawmakers state explicitly what they are proposing, some people will tell us that we’ve misheard them.

          12. Nigel

            Nobody’s going to perform late term abortions unless the fetus is non-viable or the mother is at risk. Nobody’s going to let a baby die, the babies given that kind of care are going to die anyway, it’s a question of switching off life support, or the neo-natal equivalent. This is the good-faith assumption, and it sounds humane to me. Your problem is you think these are equivalent to infanticide. People like you should never, ever, ever in a million years be let near any sort of medical decision to be made by other people, but by God you want to insert yourselves right in there, don;t you? Nobody cares how much pain this right wing culture war crap causes so long as they can hitch it to their pet hate.

          13. newsjustin

            Listen to Tran Nigel. Listen to her explain explicitly how an abortion is permissible under her Bill up to the hour birth to, for example, protect the mental health of the mother.

            If lawmakers don’t want people to think their legislation allows certain things, they shouldn’t directly allow for those things in their laws and appear on TV explaining how their Bill allows for it.

            It’s pure Emperors New Clothes. “Don’t worry citizens, never fear. The things included in this Bill are not actually included in this Bill. Ignore what the Bill proponents say. Listen to my voice.”

          14. Nigel

            Mostly because anti-choice people routinely make stuff up, distort stuff, twist stuff out of context and straight up lie about everything to make it look like doctors and parents and politicians literally want to murder babies? Remember the baby shower? I dunno. All this under a possible incident of a man stalking and luring a woman for having an abortion. Just tired of this endless stream of increasingly creepy and dangerous nonsense. What can I say? You’ve radicalised me.

          15. newsjustin

            Yes Nigel. All those pro-life bogey-men putting guns to the head of people like Trans and Northam forcing them to say the things they’re saying.

          16. Nigel

            Yeah so it turns out this was in response to some absurd bad-faith hypothetical. An undeniably bad answer by Tran (she should have just pointed out how absurd the hypothetical was – but you always have to be perfect in dealing with these disgusting people) to describe a response to something that will never happen, unless you truly believe that a woman will ask for and a doctor will provide an abortion during labour. Which if you hate women, you will believe. Prejudice confirmed, yet again.

          17. Nigel

            Idiot thinks full-term abortions are a thing. The real philosophical question is when does it stop being a fetus to be protected and become a tiny illegal alien to be taken from its mother at the US/Mexico border?

          18. realPolithicks

            Nigel, don’t waste anymore of your time on this. Newsjustin is just another religious fanatic who thinks he knows better than anyone else.

  4. George

    The Gardai were very concerned about GDPR when cyclists posted videos on Twitter but now not so much…

    1. Broadbag

      Wow, bonkers doesn’t even begin to explain it, from the ad:

      May 13th 1955 Austria was suddenly
      freed from communist Russia by Our
      Lady of Fatima because 10% promised
      to pray the Rosary: the same happened
      in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and the
      Philipines: Our Lady saved them when
      10% prayed the Rosary! Will YOU
      promise to pray the Rosary every day
      for Ireland to prevent abortion and
      convert the people?
      If so please confirm this by texting
      “5” to 087 77…”

    2. garthicus

      Save lives – help WCN!
      The Women’s Counselling Network, through Our Lady, has
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      since 1995! They need your support now! The Centre for
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      ● Please make your cheques payable to the Women’s
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      Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Thank You!

  5. Paulus

    Ah Alive: They used to push their organ (shudders) in my letterbox every month(?).
    (No euphemisms were used or harmed in that sentence).

    Few of the articles had any attribution and it always struck me as being primarily the work on one man (crank) …a Br Kevin if I remember.

  6. Dr.Fart MD

    firstly, the poor girl goes through that. Then, turns to the law, who then prove that they are of no help to her. Effectively leaving her feeling like she has no protection from these people. The Guards are by and large, a lazy bunch of disinterested wasters. They got their raise handy enough, no such luck for the nurses.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Murphy/Jameson/Ross has her address and phone number and the Gardai don’t see this as an issue? He spent a lot of the Repeal campaign inviting people to meet him down the docks, so he’s obviously a totally sane and not at all dangerous person to go meet.

    Of course, more dangerous is the person giving him this information. Whoever they are, they need to be fired and prosecuted.

  8. millie st murderlark

    My imaginary prejudice against holles street has finally been confirmed. Excellent news.

  9. anne

    Just block the number, we’re busy eating donuts.. fupping wonderful.

    They had made false representation & planned on it would seem holding her against her will.. why did they want her to come in otherwise?
    And the response is shur block the number. Seriously, they are not fit for purpose.

  10. H

    Didn’t read all the comments but this is a serious data breach that needs to be reported under GDPR, but I suppose I should be telling this to Holles Street not commentators on here…

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