Reading The Small Print


Meet Your Maker.

The podcast about ‘builders of the cultural landscape’ hosted by Liam Geraghty (above right) visits the Chester Beatty collection at Dublin Castle.

Laim writes:

How do you ensure a 1000 year old manuscript lasts another 1000? This week I visit the conservation lab at the Chester Beatty to meet Senior Conservator Kristine Rose-Beers (above left)and Book and Paper Conservator Julia Poirier (above centre).

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Meet Your Maker

7 thoughts on “Reading The Small Print

        1. millie st murderlark

          Thank you for that. As a rule, I generally dislike twitter, so a decent one is always a good shout.

  1. Ian-O

    I know precisely zero about this but I remember my Grandfather was a big stamp collector and I remember the absolute no-no was to put your greasy paws on the stamps.

    Based on this, I would hope the manuscript above is merely a copy of the original as the persons fingertips appear to be resting directly on the parchment – if its not a copy, Granda Bill will be cranky!

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