Red For Wrong, Blue For Right


Simon Hix, of the London School of Economics and Political Science, tweetz:

Latest @YouGov Brexit tracker “Brexit: right or wrong?” survey results now out (in the field on 30-31 January). “Wrong” consistently 7-8 points ahead now. E.g., here’s the trend

Simon Hix?

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15 thoughts on “Red For Wrong, Blue For Right

  1. bisted

    …UK took a democratic decision to leave the EU…invoked Art50 immediately and after the agreed gestation period will leave at the end of march…unless…there is a late term abortion of the plan…

    1. :-Joe

      It wasn’t democratic it was a pack of lies and incompetance from both sides and the electorate were misled into believing a lot of nonsense which influenced their decision making. Again, the decisions on both sides therefore, it was not a democratic vote.

      Any argument for or against beyond that fact is pointless, either the vote was valid or invalid.

      Brexit is a corrupt fantasy of the tories. An engineered attempt to turn britain into a quasi Hong Kong style tax haven circa 1970’s. The economic vision is a dream of replicating Hon Gong and merging it with a version of modern Singapore with the financial autonomy and independance of Switzerland and further than the tax haven status of Luxembourg and Ireland.

      The problem is economically this fantasy has no hope and won’t work and even if it could it would take decades to implement at a huge cost to the society.

      The reality of what’s going on is that the tories are willing to drive the economy back to pre-thatcher 1970’s britain which will fail and at the expense of everyone and everything else who will be exploited at every opportunity(as usual) and become nothing more than mere collateral damage from the consequence of their actions.

      Only the tories, the guilded upper class, the 10% or even top 1% in reality will gain from this in the long term. If you don’t see this and you still vote leave then you’re just turkeys voting for xmass…

      Idiots cutting off their nose to spite their face.


      1. newsjustin

        The vote was valid.

        It was stupid. But it was valid.

        Best thing now is to have another valid vote on what arrangements have been made over the last two years.

        1. :-Joe

          The reason this mess has been allowed to fester is because the legality or the validity of the the referendum was not fully challenged in the legal system.

          If it had it would have been easy enough to prove that what people were voting on were not the real facts, that the whole process was influenced by voter manipulation(cambridge analytica, facebook etc etc) which is already a fact and that legaly the only way forward was to investigate, prosecute and implement necessary changes before running the process again.

          The reason the legal process never got off the ground is because for one thing, britain is not a democracy and the tory oligarch system has tilted the scales again and are digging their heels and claws in at any cost for every inch until politically and publicly they get what they want.

          Unfortunately, the general public are only slowly becoming aware of what they are doing and what is really going on long after the fact. Another example of why you should support real journalism, activisim and real democracy in general.

          It’s like watching a nuclear holocaust in slow motion… but in a way it had to happen in one way or another.

          The greedy averice of the small minority in society can’t make money if their is
          nothing to exploit….

          …but also the Hampton’s beach head is not a defensible position when they come with pitch-forks and torches on foot in their masses.


      2. rotide

        I think you need to reaquaint yourself with the definition of Democratic.

        Also with the spelling of gilded.

        1. :-Joe

          No I don’t believe I do and a few spelling mistakes from typing quickly on a phone is not that important… unless you’re just being a petty little mind.


        1. :-Joe

          The millions of leave voters were premodiminantly made up of…

          People from areas of britain who had little or no interaction with any other races let alone any immigrants and as a matter of proven scientific fact these voters exhibited racisit behaviour.

          The reason this racist behaviour was so stark is because the whole process was manipulated by voter fraud and election tampering through various influences the torys, CA and Facebook and others etc etc. Stoking the hatred and fear in the masses and influencing their decision making against their own interests. Again, this is a matter of scientific fact and the evidence is there if you care to look it up.

          After all this evidence and scietific fact then any of the 17 million who still want to leave via this tory engineered brexit plan and still can’t see the wood from the trees of this giant bumbling tory scam… that’s being pulled in slow motion.. right in front of their eyes…. for over two years now….

          YES they are idiots and they will forever be reminded of it and not just by me if this tory psychadelic facist fantasy continues on and succeeds.

          The idiots who can’t see what’s going on are going to drown everone else with them.


          1. Termagant

            I’m not sure you’re fully on board with the definitions of “voter fraud” and “election tampering”.

          2. :-Joe

            @Termagant .. It sounds like I was using the language from describing ‘murican voting suppression in us elections by mistake. – My mind has the two scenarios connected as they are by the same or similar influences.

            However, now that I think of it, “election tampering” as far as manipulating voters did happen so that’s correct. “Voter fraud” is not technically correct although fraudulent activity was carried out by various brexit campaign groups as shown from various investigations into CA and facederp and the other influences manipulating the voters and the voting process.


  2. SOQ

    Poll after poll is showing a majority in favour of remain yet they plough on regardless.

    No matter what way this pans out, the divisions run so deep that it will take decades to heal but one thing is for certain, May is wasting her time in the north because there is no chance of convincing a majority to drop the backstop without a credible alternative.

    1. bisted

      …in the run up to the brexit referendum…poll after poll showed a majority in favour of remain…there…fixed that for you…

      @Nigel…like poll after poll showed crooked Hillary as a shoo-in…

      @Joe…this is just another poll and like poll after poll in the recent past it may be wrong…what is fact though is the referendum result which gave a clear majority of voters in the UK wanted to leave…

      1. :-Joe

        Less than 10% is not a clear majority in any referendum, pole, vote or result.. Perhaps you’re other judgements on this issue is not as watertight as you think… or thought before?

        Either way, it’s fine though, you want to keep believing what you already have been convinced is true.

        Life is too short and you already know what I think as I’ve said clearly enough above.


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