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  1. Dub Spot

    Could BS not reintroduce Broadsheet on The Telly or a Podcast to review the next day’s papers? Just chucking them up there seems like a wasted opportunity.

  2. Eoin

    Poor Sgt McCabe, the state is still messing him around.

    The Times Ireland reports he has several legal cases outstanding with the Garda Commissioner and Tusla and the State. Yesterday, across several cases, the State said it hadn’t filed defences to allow the cases to proceed. Instead they’re now, at a very late stage, proposing mediation.

    Still no word on who is funding the separate “personal injuries claims and a defamation action” that was settled on confidential terms late last year. Did the State fund Martin Callinan’s legal costs in the case and his share of damages? Maurice is probably in line for millions in compensation and the legal costs will probably be €1 million +. Who is paying that? Has Martin Callinan mortgaged his house to fund his own legal expenses?

  3. Eoin

    Beaumont Hospital in north Dublin has mortality rate that’s 27% above norm, blamed on “chronically over-occupied and overstretched unit” reports the Times Ireland today.

    So, you don’t need nurses’ strikes to have patients’ lives at risk.

  4. Eoin

    It’s not April Fool’s Day but the Irish Times reports fast food giant McDonald’s bid for naming rights to the National Childrens Hospital hasn’t been successful and has been rejected. What were they thinking? And now, the €1.7 billion cost will increase further unless someone else bids for the naming rights.

    Separately today, the Irish Times reports a French study which found a “10% increase in [ultra processed] foods like ready meals, chicken nuggets associated with 14% greater death risk”

    1. Frilly Keane

      Seriously tho
      How much do we really think nameing rights is going to bring in?

      Let’s just say 20m over ten years
      And that’s a stretch
      2 things
      Is McDs market that big in Ireland to splash 2 mill a year
      How much will 20 million buy
      At a guess I’d say max 2 years Overtime
      And then there’s that associated costs of the relationship

      Will McDs have promises built in to their continued partnership
      Like no strikes
      No under staffing
      No cancellations
      No waiting lists
      No negligence cases

  5. Eoin

    UK economy shrinks by 0.4% in the month of December reports the FT.

    There can be volatility in monthly GDP figures but there is definitely a drop in confidence as the British public watches the clowns in Westminster make a hames of the country’s future.

  6. SOQ

    Interesting angle in The Times about unsuccessful bidders of NCH taking legal action because of the overrun.

    What is the point of a tender process if the successful bidder can then just add a couple of zeros onto the cost if and when they feel like it?

    There had to be a stage where the unsuccessfuls have a good legal case and then guess what? More crazy costs for the tax payers.

      1. Cian

        From the PAC last week:
        Breakdown of costs:
        PAC chairperson Seán Fleming read out the figures, breaking down a total of €1.7 billion, to the Public Accounts Committee this afternoon.

        Construction costs:
        • €14.5m for decanting costs in relation to the site
        • €5.8m for aspergillosis, which is about infection control in the hospital during the course of construction
        • €550m for main contractor BAM
        • €177m for the Jones Group
        • €157m for Mercury, another contractor
        • There is also an extra contractor providing lifts

        So far, that adds up to €890m, and is described as the main construction costs.

        A further construction cost added on is:
        •€53.4m for outpatient and urgent care centres in Tallaght and Connolly

        That comes to €963.7m, plus VAT at €130.1m.

        That gives a total figure of €1.0938 billion as the gross construction costs of the project.

        Other costs related to the construction are as follows:
        • €87.9m to equip the hospital with MRIs and furniture
        • €13.6m for planning and development fees
        • €13.6m for development levies payable to various local authorities
        • €71.3m for design team fees
        • €51.3m as a contingency
        • €66.04m to cover the cost of running the National Paediatric Development Board Company for the entire course of the project, and their legal and professional fees

        These costs add to €290.1m. The gross of these costs – including VAT of €49m – is €339.1m.

        Added to the construction costs of €1.0938bn, it results in a building cost of €1.433bn.

        Other costs are being handled by the Children’s Hospital Group, outside of the construction. These are:
        • €18m for the Children’s Research and Innovation Centre
        • €97m for information and communications technology in relation to computers
        • €86m for the children’s hospital integration programme, for the integration of the Children’s Hospital at Crumlin, Temple Street and Tallaght
        • €52m for a new electronic healthcare records system
        • Approximately €40m of a write-off paid for the Mater Hospital site, which was the original first option that did not proceed

        “Those costs come to €293m, giving a grand total, as of today, of €1.7 billion,” said Mr Fleming.


        1. SOQ

          Tnx, now what is the breakdown of the overrun Cian?

          The point is there is a limit to the additional work outside a tender that a contractor can charge for before the the procurement process itself is legally challenged.

    1. edalicious

      Reminds me of a particular job we needed done on the house. We got a few quotes from various different people and ended up going with a chap who gave a competitive quote and had previously done some work for friends of ours. Turns out, he completely misquoted us how long it would take him to do the job and we were paying him by the day so the costs we going way over what he initially quoted. He was doing a terrible job because he was rushing to get finished on time and in the end we had to fire him. Had he given an accurate quote, we would’ve definitely gone with someone else.

      1. SOQ

        I posted this before but worth repeating.

        On jobs of this size, the bidders undercut each other in the hope of making it up on change orders. But that is near the end of a construction project, not the beginning.

        The fact that those issues were identified so early on would suggest that the contractor flagged things that those responsible for managing the project had completely missed.

        An itemised costing of the overruns is the very least the tax payer deserves.

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