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Enterprise Ireland Notice for a ‘Meet The Buyer For The Construction Of The new Children’s Hospital, September 2017

They all met.

In five-minute spurts.

Ronald D writes:

This (above) was an opportunity for suppliers to meet BAM [National Children’s Hospital construction firm] and pitch for business. It was like ‘speed dating’ apparently.

I was particularly amused by a quote from Julie Sinnamon, CEO, of Enterprise Ireland, who said:

“Meet the Buyer’ events have proven to be beneficial to both parties, where Irish suppliers have the chance to be involved and gain experience in the delivery of world class building infrastructure, which itself builds strong domestic capability….This opens up opportunities to Irish construction services, allowing them to successfully compete for complex, large-scale projects internationally”. Good times….

Meet The Buyer, Press Release (Enterprise Ireland)

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8 thoughts on “The Eye Of Soaring

  1. Johnny

    It should be exciting,great news that Ireland is building a new children’s hospital,however,it appears to have been badly handled by the govt. and it’s advisors.The site selection process needs be reviewed and improved.
    Ireland’s GDP exceed 300 Billion last year,the cost overruns/tendering mistakes are not going bankrupt the country,nor is the Troika on its way.
    All this noise over some cost overruns has crowded out any discussion on what type hospital you guys want,vast advances in AI,many hospitals are looking at robotics,etc.
    It never fails astonish me,what grabs the public’s attention and anger,NAMA when the final report is done will have cost the country many,many children’s hospitals.

    ‘After reshaping internet services, consumer devices and driverless cars in the early part of the decade, deep learning is moving rapidly into myriad areas of health care. Many organizations, including Google, are developing and testing systems that analyze electronic health records in an effort to flag medical conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure.

    Similar technologies are being built to automatically detect signs of illness and disease in X-rays, M.R.I.s and eye scans.

    The new system relies on a neural network, a breed of artificial intelligence that is accelerating the development of everything from health care to driverless cars to military applications. A neural network can learn tasks largely on its own by analyzing vast amounts of data.‘

  2. phil

    Kinda impressive that Irish companies keep wining these contracts , considering the talent available in the Common market…

    I wonder how the successful bidder might have been if the government, having received solid advice would not have accepted tenders under 1.2bn …

  3. Johnny

    Cian-thanks for reminding me that Dennis has his rep taking notes at the meetings:)
    Everything revolves around ME,ok everything…..
    Not sure why your lashing out at me,I don’t even follow this story,building a hospital great,cost overruns yeah…
    The mistakes were made at site selection the rest is just noise and costs getting updated,from the low ball ones that were utilized ‘negligently’ to justify a bad site.

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