‘We Obviously Need To Find Some Headroom’


Mr Harris is expected to apologise to the Dáil later over the answers he gave to the house last year about the projected cost of the hospital.

It is expected that Mr Harris will tell the Dáil that he wishes he had told TDs a little more when they asked him about the cost of the children’s hospital last September.

Back then, the minister had seen documents suggesting the price was escalating, but he gave no hint of that in his answers.

Decent quiffage, in fairness.

Simon Harris focused on job as Cabinet discusses hospital costs (RTE)

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19 thoughts on “‘We Obviously Need To Find Some Headroom’

  1. G

    What’s the chances RTE just happened to catch the guy spontaneously outside Government buildings for an Impromptu?

    Sometimes it’s just better to stop digging!

    1. Ian-O

      No chance, it was arranged between himself and RTE to give the impression it was spontaneous most likely.

      As for the headline, its like saying ‘drink driver will now no longer drink alcohol before driving’ or ‘surgeon agrees they will wash head from here on in’.

      Focused on the job? This is now a headline, so basically he wasn’t focused but now he is? I see, this is the bar we at now now, praise for eventually giving that time you are paid handsomely for to the job you are meant to be doing.

      I’d say more about RTE but seeing as I do not contribute to their pathetically amateur, bias and divisive crap output like ‘Liveline’ or similar, I will leave it there.

  2. Northern Pole Cats

    Where’s the money really going Harris? There’s an awful lot of “headroom” in 2 billion euro….

    1. Ian-O

      The guy is clearly out of his depth for sure, but a thief? I think not.

      The moderators might want to have a think about leaving up such a post as it could lead to legal action.

    1. Eoin

      Methinks someone might have been swotting up on the “dead cat” media strategy (throw a dead cat on the dinner table and no matter what they were talking about before, there’s only one thing they’ll be talking about now – “wtf a dead cat!”) The abortion stuff above just distracts from the over-promoted numpty acting the maggot on the biggest single capital project in his brief.

  3. kellMA

    There really is no way to spin this positively. His failure to keep on top of the huge overrun of costs and to escalate appropritately is an outright dereliction of duty/ incompetence. All he can do is put his hands up and see where it takes him. It is a pretty big muck up in the grand scheme of things……

    1. Ian-O

      ”Rising Damp” squib.

      Where’s ‘Uncle Gaybo’ to tell us all how fantastic Simon is?

      Anyone remember that?

  4. Starina

    If this was in Romania or Venezuela or anywhere “poorer” than Ireland, it’d be seen as a laughable example of systemic corruption. The absolute state of Harris (and the Government) trying to play this down.

    It reminds me so much of the monstrosity that is the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest…projected to cost $1.75 billion in 1989, eventually cost $3 billion.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s true. You know when corruption is endemic in a country when no-one in power is reprimanded for the misconduct.

  5. Pip

    What really frustrates me is all the interviewers/commentators howling WHY? and not a one offering any insight, theory or ideas by way of response. Elephant in room, I suppose.

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