“He Thinks It’s All About Him”


Journalist Tom Lyons (left) and businessman Denis O’Brien


This morning/afternoon.

The High Court, Dublin

Yesterday: Meanwhile in The High Court

10 thoughts on ““He Thinks It’s All About Him”

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      There used to be a comic strip about a guy with a fat tie in some Irish newspaper years ago.
      That’s all I have.

  1. The Facts of Life

    great work ta for keeping us updated the preciousness of great men is incompatible with democracy and law should not be a rich man’s tool

  2. Eoin

    DOB (yesterday) told McD that [he] had “never even read the book” and did not cooperate with it. McD quipped to DOB: “One of the benefits of greatness is that you don’t have to read the only biography about you that’s been published.”

    Seriously, Denis never read the only biography ever written about him? Did he not encounter anyone on his way from mass in Donnybrook who might have mentioned the book to him? Did the chimney sweep not refer to it in passing. Surely his sainted mammy and daddy who were so utterly destroyed by Tom Lyons’ article in a newspaper would have bought it, maybe mentioned it over a family dinner of bacon ‘n cabbage. Apparently not.

    Of course if Denis HAD read it and seen the six references to Denis being part of a gang, and if he let that pass without suing the author, then that might suggest Denis doesn’t really have a problem with being described as being part of a gang, something which is at the heart of these libel proceedings with the SBP. But, as Denis said, he hasn’t and that’s that and we can only hope his memory on the matter is more reliable than his memory of an apology from INM.

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