‘People Are Not Alone’


Johnny Keenan writes:

This is real life drama here folks. Not in a car crash way. But in a pure honest heartbreaking way.

This Wonderful Bray, County Wicklow woman [Yoga teacher, Lisa Temple] is facing eviction and is so strong in mind and character to share her story as it happens.

A situation that many of our sisters and brothers are in.

On watching this you will want to go to the first of 4 videos so far to get the whole story. Check out the page of Temple Yoga  (below)for updates.

Temple Yoga

4 thoughts on “‘People Are Not Alone’

  1. Emily Dickinson

    I watched the first five minutes of that video hoping to get the facts of the situation but I gave up in despair when she started talking about lasagne.

    Repossessions are genuinely traumatic for the families involved. They are also absolutely necessary and appropriate. There was a case this week of a celebrity restauranteur who is living in a seven-figure trophy home in Dublin who hasn’t paid a cent on his mortgage for eight years. In these sorts of situations it is 100% appropriate for a bank to repossess and for the debtors to move into different accommodation that they can actually afford. If you take out a mortgage and can’t pay it back, that doesn’t make you a bad person. But it does mean you lose the right to continue living in the property.

  2. Bort

    What are the facts here? Hard to garner from her facebook posts. She states this has been going on for 10 years?

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